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May 21, 2009 01:05 PM

Breakfast places in Pittsburgh

Hello all,

We are headed to Pittsburgh for several days. Staying right downtown, but can travel -- best "local" atmosphere place for breakfast? Love to try the places that the locals love. Thanks. Denise

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  1. So, you'll be heading to the Strip District. The classic is DeLucca's. There's also Pamela's and Jo Jo's. Also, check out Enrico Biscotti, La Prima Expresso, & 21st St coffee. enjoy the Burgh.

    1. Here's an interesting story about our President and his stop at Pamela's in the Strip District. I also saw a story on this mornings news that he is bringing in the crew from Pamela's to cook Memorial Day breakfast at the White House.

      I've tried Pamela's pancakes and love them, but the best ever? I'm not sure about that!!!



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        I'm with the President-I love those pancakes. I also like the fact that they leave a thermos of coffee on your table.

      2. Duffy did a great job of laying out the land for you. I would echo the same, offering the following:
        DeLuca's and Pamela's are diner-style restaurants. You will probably have to wait at either before you are seated, but both are worth the wait. I am with the President and David - best pancakes ever at Pamela's. DeLuca's serves a delicious vegtable omlette and great sausage.
        La Prima is a wonderful coffee shop. There is a counter to order and pay, a high table or two to stand and drink, and some outdoor tables. If you are there on a Saturday moring, you will likely find the place packed (and rightfully so...) and at least a table or two of people speaking Italian. The bakery next door/attached (Colagnelo's)is amazing as well. If you are in the mood for a frittata panini or a mele (or a coconut chocolate cookie, or a Sfogliatelle...you get the point) instead of some pancakes or an omlette, you may want to consider La Prima and Colangelo's. Enjoy!