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May 21, 2009 12:45 PM

Door County Cherry Pie

My wife really enjoyed it when she had it at Prarie Grass out in the suburbs and I was hoping that someone knew of a bakery that sold Door County cherry Pie. If not, can any one recommend a great cherry pie in Chicago? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Was Door County the brand, or simply the location from whence the cherries came? See this chowhound thread for discussion of where to buy cherry pies in Chicago (and note, it's not cherry season here for at least 2 months)

    1. See

      I suggest that you call Didier Farms before going to find out when they are going to get their next shipment of Door County pies. I notice that they are often out of the pie.

      I just called. They said that they get their pie shipments on Thursdays. They leave the pie out Thurs. - Sat. and then they put their remaining pies into their freezer case later on Sat. The pie will be fresher if you can pick it up closer to Thursday.

      They have pies in the freezer right now.