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May 21, 2009 12:04 PM

My dear Raleigh friends, please save me from Golden Corral!

So, I'm on the planning committee for my family reunion. This means I have a chance to keep us from eating at Golden Corral (or somewhere similar) after church on Sunday. I'm looking for cheap(ish), simple (ethnic won't work for this crowd) and able to accommodate a very large group. Unfortunately, I'm not real familiar with the layout of the city, and I'm not sure where we'll be attending church. Suggestions anywhere in the area would be great. If it makes a difference, this will be in late September. Many thanks!

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  1. This thread might be helpful:

    Raleigh is a big city. It would be good if you could narrow your area. I have not lived there in a while, southerngurl. I hope you get a lot of replies from locals.
    I keep reading about a restaurant called Pam's Farmhouse on Western Boulevard. It sounds like it might be what you are looking for.
    We enjoyed dining around Crabtree Valley Mall and Brier Creek, although most of the restaurants there were chains.
    The Carolina Ale House has a large and affordable menu. There was a new one close to Brier Creek. It is a big place with pool tables and tv screens and not just for drinking really. It might be fun for a Sunday group. We went there with our kids after church occasionally and enjoyed it.
    There is an old-school cafeteria in the old South Hills mall called K&S. It was popular with the after-church crowd. It may be too similar to Golden Corral though and is very dated, very uncool. It is cheap and simple so it definitely fits your criteria.

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      Not sure if Pams is open on Sundays, and one of the most difficult questions in the universe to answer is what is worse K&S or Golden Corral.

    2. Maybe Red, Hot & Blue - Memphis style BBQ? It's pretty good, reasonable and will reserve sections / rooms for a large group.

      1. take your family to The Pit. Ed Mitchell's BBQ joint in downtown Raleigh. Classy place for such downhome food, and the prices are right. The place is huge and should be able to accommodate you.

        Sunday has a lunch buffet with all the southern fried goodness for $12 a plate, all you can eat.

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          Anyone here who's been to The Pit recently know if the place still smells strongly of BBQ smoke? The smokers are right there inside in the kitchen, and when I went there when they first opened, I was soaked in BBQ smoke just from eating there by the time we left. The smell was so pervasive that my leather wallet, which was inside my pants' pocket, smelled strongly of hickory smoke!

          I'm weary of going back unless I haven't had a shower, or if they've since installed a better ventilation system. I really want to try this new Sunday buffet too. A righteous BBQ place that's open on SUNDAY? wow.

          1. re: mikeh

            Hi, mikeh. I went in early May for a birthday lunch. We stayed for a while because we talked too much and ate too much. :-) I did not detect any smoke on my clothes when I came home and changed. My husband, who did not attend the lunch, did not make any comments about smoke. I thought the restaurant smelled pleasantly like BBQ smoke. It did not strike me as being overwhelming or obnoxius. If it helps, I'm the one in my family known for having a very sensitive nose. :-) YMMV, of course.

        2. the seafood restaurant at the farmer's market would be worth looking into. fat daddy's is always fun, too.

          1. Looks like we're gonna do The Pit. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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              The Pit must be a special place. It is written about in this article. I thought you might like to read it before your family reunion.