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May 21, 2009 11:59 AM

Pensacola beer bars

I'm going to Pensacola the first week in June and will be staying with in laws. As a brewer and beer lover, I'm looking for a good beer bar in town, one with lots of micros and imports on tap (although a good brew pub will do).
So far in my research I've come across the Wisteria Tavern, which has a bunch of good beers on tap.
Any other recommendations?
Also can anyone recommend a store in Pensacola with a good beer selection?

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  1. McGuire's tends to win a lot of brew pub awards, and the food goes from acceptable to very good depending on who they've got managing it at a given time. You just have to have a high tolerance for the Irish theme park decor.

    1. Wisteria is literally a trailer on the side of the road.....not so much atmosphere here unless you are going for the trailer park happy hour.
      Try HopJacks....I get burned out on the food but good selection of beer. Also, Ozone (best pizza in Pensacola) has a lot on tap. Have fun!