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May 21, 2009 11:54 AM

In Dallas by the Hyatt Regency

I am wondering what is good around here? Anything from those top 10 lists within walking distance?

Any cuisine is fine with me as long as it is good. Or should I just hop in the hotel shuttle and drive somewhere?


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  1. Wolfgang Puck's 560 is right next door. There is a Morton's and Palm for steak within walking distance. A Charlie Palmer's and Dallas Fish Market are within a mile. Stephan Pyles is probably the best bet for something unique to this area and close. All walking distance. Go down Houston St to Main or Elm (Dealey Plaza) and avoid the Mickey D's area on Commerce. A five minute cab ride gets you Fearings at the Ritz. I can't speak for 560, but the rest of them are great.

    1. You are from NYC (I think), and the only things that I found lacking in the NYC food scene were Mexican and BBQ. Close to you, Baker's Ribs is on Commerce. A lot of people like Baker's. Sonny Bryan's is an institution, but I'd only recommend the one of Inwood which is open during the day. If you are adventurous and willing to go on the other side of the bridge, Jefferson Blvd. has a ton of Mexican and Hispanic restaurants. I like El Ranchito and LH likes La Palapa Veracruzana. A lot of people think Gloria's Restaurant has the best margarita in town. The food is okay. If you want to take a cheese making class, Mozzarella Company is nationally renown and gives cheese making classes on weekends. The cheese is fantastic. Also, while Neiman Marcus' Zodiac Room didn't make any of our top ten lists, it is the original Zodiac room and it's a great lunch. The food is delicious, the price is pretty reasonable, and the atmosphere is great. I'd definitely try and make time just for the experience. Also, it is out of your way, but if you are a foodie, you should visit Central Market on Lover's Lane. It makes Dean and Deluca look like 7-Eleven. My brother was a chef in NYC and when he visited for the first time, he was in complete awe. He spent 3 hours just looking. It's definitely something to report home about and even take pictures. They have one of the best cheese selections in the country and their olive bar goes on for days. Our Farmer's Market is close to where you are staying, but IMO (I'm from the West Coast), I don't think it's that great. However, the local produce is starting to pop up, so it might be interesting to see and taste. Hope you have a great time.

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        CM is a greta store just not the cheese selection. The OP would do much better by visiting either Scardello Artisan Cheese or Molto Formaggio, both of which take much better care fo their cheese than CM does. Perhaps not quite as big as CM but the cheeses are cut on site and when you order after you have had a sample before you buy.....something CM does not offer.

        It would be a brisk walk through some dicey neighborhoods to get to Oak Cliff. I would go with the latter option fo driving around. Get out of downtown a bit and the options get much better.
        Bolsa in Oak Cliff gets raves from most people but I am not much a fan

        Mexican along Jefferson (the best options and very affordable coming from NYC
        )La Palapa Veracruzana would be your best bet and doesn't have all the mariachis blowing you deaf. They have great seafood, enfrijoladas and enmoladas. Actually most of the menu is great.....I have had just about everything. The camarones ala diabla (shrimp with a spicy chipotle suace) is one of the best versions I have ever had. The food at El Ranchito is great but sometimes I grow tired of the grilled meats of the northern Mexican regions. El Ranchito does a great job at grilled sweetbreads (mollejas) and the corn tortillas are fresh and hand made on site. There are also some great torta (Mexican sandwiches) places along Jefferson. Tortas Las Tortugas (The Turtle Sandwiches) is just around the corner from La Palapa. Tortas La Hechizera is also really good. I am not sure what you like on your sandwiches so I will let you decide besides the reviews below have suggestions. For a small plate and under $7 I would try out Lito's. Again the review below has great suggestions (green mole one of them). The tortillas are handmade at Litos. If you are still hungry and want dessert try out Paletas Frutitas (Mexican ice cream treats). They are directly across Leweyllen from Fiesta Supermarket on the NEC of Lewellen and Jefferson.

      2. you could swing by Fuel City for a taco, just to see what it's like. Not the best tacos ever but not too bad, and an interesting experience. It's 24 hours so maybe it's best to go late at night...I've only ever gone during the day.