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May 21, 2009 11:51 AM

Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner to close on June 7

See story here:

Chef says: “I think there’s some restructuring going on in the company,” says Vivian, who confirms that the Gardiner was the weakest link in the Kennedy chain—it wasn’t making money anymore.

I always wondered about that place the hours were starnge and I never felt they would really get the traffic at that location as it really is not a mainstream museum...

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  1. That article is missing two key points of information:

    1) The restaurant is not closing entirely. It's moprhing into The Gardiner Café, serving light refreshments.

    2) On Jun 17th, a weekly Wednesday lunch series called "Working Lunch with Jamie Kennedy" will be launching.

    1. Oh, so sad! I finally went there for the first time last weekend and had a most enjoyable lunch, vowing to myself that I would have to get back there for dinner. I guess not...

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        1. re: insideman

          No, they've been doing dinner on Friday night for years.

          1. re: gregclow

            Not sure how much of the lease remains, but it would nice to see them do another Santa Clause Parade.

            1. re: gregclow

              I've been to the Friday night dinners a few times, and they're quite well done, if a little pricy. It'd be a shame to see them go.

        2. Too bad Thorsell at the ROM snubbed JK in favor of the current mediocre US-managed food concession. On the other hand, who is willing now to blow that much on lunch? Suspect JK's face-saving downshift to haute snack bar just puts him another step closer to the door.