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May 21, 2009 11:49 AM

Family dining in Ocean City, MD

I'm reposting this on the DC / Baltimore board since there are probably more people who know Ocean City here than on the Mid-Atlantic board:

It's been a few years since I last visited OC, but I recall it was pretty much a culinary wasteland. I'm not looking high end dining, but something that I can take my wife and picky eater kids. Looking for something fresh, not fried to death, or the usual buffet with overcooked and expensive food. All suggestions are appreciate.

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  1. This thread from last summer with 87 responses was particularly good:

    1. Plenty of good food in OC....

      Tutti Gusti for Italian
      Tequila Mockingbird for Mexican (my favorite place, excellent margaritas and salsa)
      Liquid Assets for fine dining

      The Galaxy, Satelite, and Lombardi's are all good to.

      Make your own sundaes at The Candy Kitchen.
      Get fresh made caramel popcorn at Fisher's.
      Boardwalk fries and Thrashers....put vinegar and salt on them.
      Anthony's Deli for huge sub sandwiches.

      Everything else is standard overpriced touristy food.

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      1. re: abovethewaves

        tequila mockingbird does have GREAT margaritas, and their salsa is yummy and fresh (it's actually more like pico de gallo than traditional salsa) but i have not at all been impressed with their food. i think la hacienda has much better food, really nice fresh fish tacos, but their margaritas aren't good. when i want mexican in OC we go to la hacienda for dinner and tequila mockingbird for drinks!

        Fat daddy's has really good sandwiches and pizza. I had a great meal at ristoranti antipasti (i think that's what it was called.) we go to higgins for crabs if you're into that whole unlimited feast of picking shells till your fingers bleed.

        1. re: littlew1ng

          True....I usually just go for the margaritas, ice cold Pacifico's, salsa, and the guacamole.

          Happy Hour!

      2. if you're driving on route 50 through salisbury on your way back try restaurant 213.

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          For good Bar-B-Que try Jammin John's. It's on the road out of Fenwick heading west, about 2 miles out on the left. Also note Liquid Assests has a good burger too.

          1. re: rcooperman

            Is it real bbq or family friendly "faux bbq"?

            As for liquid assets, what kind of burgers are they doing? Rays, 5 guys, or something else?

            1. re: scot

              The Bar-B-Que at Jammin John's is somewhere btwn authentic and faux. It's not a destination but worth a try if you are nearby. It is also tastier than the other OC Bar-B-Que places. As to the burger at Liquid Assets - it is much better that 5 Guys. It is a thick, juicy, well prepared burger that approaches Ray's burger. The price is about $10 incl fries.

              1. re: rcooperman

                Liquid Assets is definitely not a Family Restaurant -- it's an adult restaurant.

        2. One of my favorite places in OC is Fausto's Antipasto (not the one on the Boardwalk or in Noth OC, but the one around 30th or so. The food there is excellent; great fish and pasta dishes and one of the best Caesar salads I've had. It's a bit upscale, but by no means too much. For really great casual dining, try Peppers on the boardwalk (around 15th??). Really excellent food at reasonable prices.

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          1. re: bnemes3343

            yesssssss antipasto. sooooo good. love that place

          2. We had our first dinner at Mione's pizza on Rt 50 just across the bridge from OC in the shopping center with the outlet mall across from the Super Fresh market. Nice family owned place with really good freshly made NY style pizzas, calzones, subs, etc. It was a satisfying meal after the drive from DC.