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May 21, 2009 11:31 AM

Best BBQ caterer in Raleigh area?

Looking to host a pig pickin' with all the fixings for 75. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone that will come on site with the smoker (not just bring the bbq in pans and serve it, I can go pick it up if that's all I wanted).

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  1. Allen and Son does it. In fact, I had them cater my wedding reception last year. They bring the whole pig on the smoker. We had bbq, fried chicken and side dishes for $12 per person, and it was outstanding. They have a 50 person minimum. Be sure and use the one between CH and Hillsborough, NOT the one near Pittsboro.

    1. Though located in Chapel Hill, I understand that The Barbecue Joint caters throughout the Triangle. They do lots of catering for UNC-CH and I have always loved! their 'que.

      The Barbecue Joint
      630 Weaver Dairy Rd., Chapel Hill, NC - (919) 932-7504

      1. kudos to carolinadawg. Allen and Son is the alpha/omega, be all end all of NC BBQ. The best, and I've had 'em all.

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          Clyde Coopers will cook and bring a pig still on the grill.

        2. While I wouldn't rate them as the best, I have been very pleasantly surprised by BBQ Lodge two years in a row. I do not care for their restaurant, but their on site catering is decent. The function I've attended has the whole hog (part chopped, the rest left to be pulled on the grill), fried chicken, slaw, beans, potatoes, hush puppies and dinner rolls. The pork was moist, nicely seasoned and delicious. Chicken was pretty good, slaw was fine, beans ok. I skipped the rest...trying to spend my calories wisely!

          I was at a pig picking catered by Poole's Diner this winter. Was not blown away. Desserts were way, way, way too sweet. Pork over cooked. Vinegar sauce had huge dried peppers which were a hazard for the heat-shy while dining in low light situation. Sides were fine, but not memorable. After so many rave reviews of the restaurant (which I have yet to try) my expectations were high.