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May 21, 2009 11:24 AM

Pio Pio green sauce

You know that green sauce that comes with the chicken at Pio Pio? I think its tomatillo and avocado based, but I have no idea!!

Does anyone know what is in it? Do you think they would sell it by the quart? Also, is it a strictly Pio Pio thing or is it a peruvian thing. What is it called!

I just love ordering delivery from there, getting a few tiny containers of the stuff and putting it on everything-- scrambled eggs, beans, frozen enchiladas. It's heavenly!!

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    1. re: E Eto

      the green sauce at Tina's (sophie's, many locations) is IMO better than Pio Pio green sauce...even though Tina's is a cuban place they tell me the sauce is Peruvian. whatever, its really good. They also will NOT give you the recipe....give it a try on the fried pork and plaintain sandwich...

      1. re: Cpalms

        I haven't been to Coco Roco in Park Slope for quite some time, because they really went downhill a few years ago, but their version of the sauce was fantastic (better, IMO, and spicier than Pio Pio). You also filled in a missing link for me re: Sophie's. I wrote a blog piece about Cuban sandwiches, and somebody commented on "the green sauce for Cuban sandwiches at Sophie's." I had never heard of green sauce on Cuban sandwiches, nor found it available at places (mostly Dominican, actually) that I've had them at. As a side note, a great alternative to Peruvian green sauce & chimichurri is Indian coriander chutney--I use Swad's on lots of things, including cubanos and fajitas from the Chinese tortilla places.

    2. >>Do you think they would sell it by the quart? <<

      They sell it by the 'half quart'... its the size of the 'small Chinese takeout soup container'.
      ^ Scientific measurements.

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      1. re: ConOrama

        I've tried a few recipes for that sauce but none have compared to Pio Pio's. So happy to know that I can buy it. Anyone know how long it lasts in the frig?

      2. I'm convinced there is something illegal in Pio's green sauce. Addictive as all get out. We pour it on the chicken like its water. We also warm up tortillas, serve them with the chicken, and the sauce, and we are all set. I have asked what's in the sauce but the "secreto" hasn't been revealed. Obviously a lot of chili, oil, cumin, but what else?

        1. Sophies now sells their green sauce in all restaurants.