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May 21, 2009 11:15 AM

Felidia or Bar Boulud

I have the option to go to either one this Saturday night.

Which one would you select and why?

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  1. i like them both. felidia would be my choice for a very good multi-course italian meal. bar boulud gets the nod for salads, soups, charcouterie and wine (excellent wine selection). they don't compete with each other.

    be aware that bar boulud only appears informal. customers are usually heading to lincoln center for a performance so a bit of sartorial splendor is the norm. for the record, there is no dress code.

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    1. re: steve h.

      Felidia's winelist is among the strongest in the city

      Out of all NYC, people ask me where to go, I recommend Felidia as outstanding, me I love the food there (I don't think it holds appeal for what I'll loosely call "Babbo lovers" though).

      People ask specifically if they should try Bar Boulud, I say skip it. I wanted to like it, but the charcuterie is better up the street at Salumeria Rosi and the atmosphere/service just doesn't cut it for me. I actually have more objections, including sartorial, but I'll let others speak.

    2. I haven't been to Bar Boulud, but I had a great meal at Felidia's six months ago. I wouldn't mind going back!!

      1. Haven't been to BB. Went to Felidia about 6 wks ago and wanted to love it, but I think I ordered wrong. Should have done the "2 dine for $100 w/ wine" deal.

        1. Definitely Bar Boulud!!! They have the best charcuterie in the city, great wine list and an amazing menu.