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May 21, 2009 10:36 AM

Kim Po Vietnamese Restaurant

We tried this place a few days ago and found the broth to be very weak. I'm not sure if coming later in the day would have been any better (we went at 12pm). Portions were large, lots of raw beef in both our orders, place is clean (I didn't go to the washrooms though), and service is brisk and fairly friendly. The staff are Vietnamese; at least the two servers that we saw were.

We had spring rolls (4.95) and a large (6.95) and extra large bowl (8.95) of pho. Bill with tax came to 23.56. Spring rolls are good, but not as good as my MIL's (mother in law) :)

Well, those who read my posts know about my sensitive stomach and I've become quite good and isolating the issues from other foods I've eaten, so I can tell if it was a place indeed or something else. Unfortunately for me, it didn't agree with my stomach. I will give it one more try though later in the evening, to be sure (and also to check the broth).

Back to our regular haunt (VIP Vietnamese on Hwy 7) .....

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  1. Kim Po is known for their house specialty, Fukien Noodles. It's the only thing I order when I go there. I've tried their Pho and have also found it to be weak.

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    1. re: gtafoodie

      Would this be a noodle soup or a fried noodle dish?

      1. re: red dragon

        Noodle soup...I believe it's the first one listed under noodle soups on the menu.

        1. re: gtafoodie

          it can also be order "dry", with the soup on the side.

          i personally prefer the dry order, with the "thick" wonton noodle only......