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May 21, 2009 10:10 AM

SEA - Hot dogs!

Alas, the Laurelhurst Safeway has stopped carrying Nathan's natural casing hot dogs - the ones touted as being 'longer than the bun'. I've scoured the local groceries, finding none. They have a SNAP when you bite into them. Has anyone seen these locally, or other natural casing dogs like Sabrett?

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  1. I didn't know you could get Nathan's with natural casings ever here. You can get Boar's Head hotdogs with natural casings at most of the QFC's in town. They have both beef and pork/beef. Also, Bavarian Meats (they are in Pike Place Market) makes a weiner with a natural casing that I like a lot. Lots of stores in town carry them, I usually get them at Metropolitan Market.

    1. Most decent meat counters or butcher shops will carry hot dogs in natural casing.
      I found some at Tops/Haggens (deli counter). I believe they sell Hemplers brand hot dogs.

      1. I imagine all of Uli's Famous sausages (in the PikePlace Market) are natural casing. He makes about a dozen varieties and will grill your choice up to order (mustard/onions optional and grilled peppers available.

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          I love Uli's but sometimes you just want a good hot dog, something Uli doesn't do (fresh sausages only - I remember hearing he was thinking about expanding into other processes since his production space moved but haven't seen anything but the usual selection.)

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            How about Taxi Doge, 1928 Pike Pl?

        2. The hot dogs at Hans' Sausage Shop in Burien have a 'snap'......for winning flavor I like Costco's.

          1. Maybe try Bavarian Meats, in the Pike Place market

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              Matt's Hot Dogs; none better for chili dogs.