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May 21, 2009 09:52 AM

Recs for Honda Center

I know that Lazy Dog is close by, but since I live close to the one on Beach, it's not very exciting.
I've heard of Jagerhaus....... any input?
What else in the area would be close to the Center and interesting to try for dinner?

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  1. I like Jagerhaus. It's tasty. JT Schmid's across the street from the Pond is OK (good burger, actually really good raw tuna on crackers). Mariscos Puerto Esperanza isn't far... and I secretly like Zito's Pizza on Katella and Fresca's ditto. There's an El Torito Grill (fancier El Torito) at Katella and State College.

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      Knew I could count on you! Thanks for the recs

    2. There's a King's Fish House right down the street. Pretty reliable for seafood prepped in the contemporary American style (grilled / blackened / broiled as opposed to deep fried & overcooked).

      1. A couple of other ideas. Katella Grill at the corner of Katella & Main is a good diner style (but not greasy spoon diner) place. Don't know when you're going, but breakfast there is darn good. Another option is the Garden Walk, although it is west of the 5 on Katella. There is a Cheesecake Factory, CPK, etc.
        I second the recommendation for Kings.
        If you're looking for cheap eats, there is a place called Burger Boy on State College at Howell. Its sorta fast food, you order at a counter and they bring it to your table. They have a salad bar (just plain average) and tons of mexican food and plenty of lunch type burgers, sandwiches, etc. They do have great albondigas soup and their pastrami sandwich is good as well as their carne asada tacos.

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          Kings is not bad, and the Irish pub (I don't know the same, I always call it the Pig and Bollocks) is not bad either, but I must demur on the Katella Grill. I do not like it -- the food is overcooked and the service is unspeakably slow.

          Burger Boy is OK for breakfast but not wonderful.

          On Ball & State College is decent teriyaki bowl place, an extremely mediocre pho shop, a good Greek short-order grill called Willy's with lunch hours, and a pretty good Turkish place called Doner G, which has Russian menu syndrome (outside of the "usual stuff", kabobs, you are unlikely to be able to order the other items).

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            Have you ever tried the Phoenix Club?

            1. re: janetms383

              No, but I hear it's not bad for Sunday brunch.

              1. re: Das Ubergeek

                yep, i was looking at the menu, cherry pancakes, housemade sausage patties, home fries or potato pancakes................ I think I could fall in love in that kitchen

          2. re: lakingsfankurt

            got tickets for Fleetwood Mac on Saturday, so we're looking for a dinner spot. Only real criteria is a bar or a good wine list :-)

            1. re: janetms383

              If you like beer, JT Schmids brews their own and has a bunch on tap (food is pretty good too).

            1. I've heard really great things about Prime Cut. (