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May 21, 2009 09:49 AM

Need to find a Great Restaurant in NYC for a Wedding reception for 30 people - anyone have any recommendations?

We are getting married in Manhattan on August 29th and need a restaurant for our wedding reception for about 30 people. Does anyone have recommendations? I know many restaurants allow private parties but it's always best to find these things out by word of mouth. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks!!

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  1. Consider the private room upstairs at Beacon.

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    1. How much do you want to pay? What style(s) of food do you want? Etc. The more specifics you can give, the better hounds can help you.

      And congratulations!

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        ...What kind of atmosphere are you looking for? Outdoor-optional? Rooftop/high floor?

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          I want really good quality food, we want to spend about $75 - $100 per person for food (not set in stone we are flexible) for about 30 people. I don't want anything formal or stuffy or fancy. I don't want a private loft, or a high floor, I think my party is small enough that we can have it in a street level restaurant. I'd like there to be a nice bar area for our guests to have some cocktails before dinner. We do like Rosa Mexicana (great little bar area) very much on the Upper West Side but we don't really want to have the reception there. But something like that place would work, maybe downtown. I'd also like it to be in a hip neighborhood. I have heard good things about Cipriani at 23rd street but I have never been there. Any suggestions are most appreciated!! Thanks!!

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            Do you want a private room, just not a loft or high floor?

            It's a given that you want good quality food. But it would help narrow things down considerably if you told us what cuisines you prefer (as Pan suggested in his post above).

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              French, Italian, Belgian, Seafood all work. We'd like the place to be in walking distance of hip bars and/or restaurants with dancing for after dinner. Also, restaurants that have dancing would be really awesome if they have great food and ambiance. A swanky, loungy place with great music,and dancing and really good food would be ideal.

        2. If you don't need a private room you should look into Avra.

          1. The Water Club, on the East River.

            1. I recommend the outdoor patio at Bobo in the west village. I had a great dinner there last week at a table of 9 and across the patio there was a small wedding reception going on, probably 25 people or so. The outdoor space is beautiful & romantic. Good luck!