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May 21, 2009 09:48 AM

New restaurant on Ocean Park

Does anyone have any intel on what is happening on the stretch of Ocean Park between 16th and 17th in Santa Monica? They consolidated three spaces and have been working on a restaurant for months. Today i noticed that they took down the scaffolding and revealed the new facade. Seems close to finished and perhaps ready to open within a few months. I was told it was going to be a market/cafe/bakery/deli concept a la Joan's on 3rd, but that is unconfirmed. Regardless, we need good spots in the neighborhood and my hopes are up.

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  1. So they are taking over the spot where Slice was that had the little patio out back? (plus the other spaces you mention)

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    1. re: Servorg

      Slice is still there, but the Talking Stick coffee shop is gone. This is next to Slice.

      1. re: wooster

        Got it. I ride by there on my bike at least twice a week so I'll have to stop by and take a look. Hopefully (and it sounds like it will be) a great new neighborhood asset. Thanks for the heads up.

        1. re: Servorg

          i drove by and saw the new facade today as let us know what you find out!

          1. re: brookewb

            Stopped by at 3:30 AM this morning (actually went by Bob's Market and then remembered so I turned around and went back). Stopped in front and shined my very bright bike headlights at the covered windows. Couldn't see a damn thing. Rode around in the alley and they have the entire back parking lot fenced off and are doing major construction out there too. So no joy for info gathering this morning. If I ever go by in the daylight and see construction workers will try and stick my head in and see what I can see.

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              I walking inside it this morning. Got about 15 feet in before getting kicked out, but it looked pretty nice. Very clean, white walls, nice cabinetry. It's definitely divided into three sections and will be completely different from anything else on that street. They parking lot is still slightly torn up from working with new utility lines, but they seem about finished with it as the trenches used to run up and down it and were 6 feet deep. Can't wait.

    2. Drove by today and they had signs up in the window. It's called "Thyme" and they're describing it as a cafe/market....yay!!!!

      1. So excited - this is the storefront for the fantastic catering company Thyme... their presentation is usually fabulous so I am sure that the store will be great looking. Can't wait to have it in the neighborhood. It is super close to my office and we need a cafe market that has good food with ambience.

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        1. re: bicoastalyummy

          Don't know anything about that catering company, but the place doesn't seem to be as close to ready as I had thought. Took another peek in it yesterday and noticed a lot of finishing that needs to be done as well as the rear parking lot is still unpaved and work continues on the wet utilities, so my random guess would be August opening at the earliest.

        2. I noticed when I pedaled by this morning that their "permanent" Thyme signage was up on the front of the building over the windows on the upper wall. Hopefully that's a good "sign" that they are closing in on opening.

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          1. re: Servorg

            Mon-Sat, 7am-7pm. That's their hours when they open. Wish it would happen already.

            1. re: wooster

              Is it a store front where they'll be selling their food, or just their kitchens where they'll prepare and send out, like most caterers I know?

              1. re: Phurstluv

                It's like a deli/bakery and cafe inside and it is called a market and cafe, so I'm pretty sure it's basically a cafe with items to go.

                1. re: wooster

                  They now have a working website up and they are reporting elsewhere (yelp) that they will open in early October of this year.