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May 21, 2009 09:38 AM

Food gift to take to SF

Am staying with a hardcore foodie friend in SF and wanted to bring him something from NYC that he can't find in SF. Was thinking about cookies from Momofuku Milk bar but woul dlove to hear other ideas. Needs to be carry-able on the plane!


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  1. I'm from SF. Though I moved out here 10 years ago, I still visit often enough.

    This is a tough problem, because you need something that basically ships well, but things that ship well tend to be available there.

    I'm not the biggest bagel person, but what passes for a bagel in my hometown is typically more akin to a dinner roll with a hole in it. So that might be an idea.

    BTW, last time I visited there I tried to bring back some Mission burritos with me. Didn't work. I knew it was a longshot, but I had to try.

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    1. re: una mas

      bagels do seem like a natural choice.

      so funny to hear about your Mission burrito travails. I tried the same thing (from La Taqueria, my personal favorite) and found that the contents had congealed into something awful by the time I arrived back in NYC...

      1. re: HungryArthur

        La Taqueria is great. My favorite is Pancho Villa, not least because they make the best salsa verde I've ever had. The avocado chunks seal the deal.

    2. Black & white cookies...I like the other person's idea of bagels too.

      1. I know they do mail order now, but whenever I've taken a Katz's pastrami back home it has been well-received.

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        1. re: una mas

          Thanks for letting me know about the mail order. You may have just saved my life :)

        2. San Fran does plenty of stuff right, but one thing we have that they don't are the world's best bagels. Buy them morning-of your departure.

          1. i recently moved from the east coast to sf, and i miss real italian food.

            maybe pick up some chocolate from kee's and bring your friend some juicy twist packs! (at least hat's what i would want)

            i once froze 2 chicken fried steaks from hoovers and 2lbs of extra moist brisket from rudy's in austin, tx, wrapped several times in saran wrap and foil, then picked up 1lb of brisket from the county line at the airport to bring back to boston. my sister is a very lucky girl.

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            1. re: lschow

              Your sister is lucky, indeed. I'd KILL for some County Line BBQ.