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May 21, 2009 09:23 AM

Help! DC Foodie in Boston for about 28 hours.

Hello all, we’re flying up for a show at the Paradise Rock Club in June and have about four meals to plan. Don’t even get me started on how it actually costs less to fly roundtrip to Boston and pay for a hotel than seeing them in DC…but now I’m getting excited for the meal possibilities!

We won’t have a car, but we’ll be down to take public transport wherever we need to go. I’m a sucker for anything from the sea, and we’d like some “authentic fare,” but I know the tiffs that phrase usually causes on the DC CH board. :)

After taking a quick look at the boards, we’re definitely grabbing a Speed’s dog immediately after we land, so after that we have dinner before the show and breakfast/ lunch on our second day to plan. We fly back out around 5:30pm. Of Eastern Standard and Neptune, which would be best for lunch on the second day? Or are they better for dinner? I’d like to do something a bit more casual for dinner on the 1st night since we have to catch a show at 8pm. Anything on the water with brews and decent pub food? What about B&G Oysters?

Also, we won’t be able to make it up to the Clam Box, but is there something comparable in the city proper? And we’re major suckers for legit diners: any gems? I know it’s hard without our hotel location (still trying to lock that down) but we’ll travel wherever we need to go to get a good meal…even with hungover, hungry tummies!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. I would do Neptune Oyster for a laid back dinner before the show the first night. On your second day, I would go to Pizzeria Regina in the North End for pizza (I lived in DC and there is no pizza there that comes close). I like Eastern Standard but there are similar places in DC. B&G might be a good choice for the second night- you could do a roving dinner of sorts and hit up the Butcher Shop for wine and a cheese plate before heading to B&G. You might also want to hit up the Littlest Oyster Bar at the Marliave for an oyster treat while wondering around town.
    Flour Bakery is a great place for breakfast- there is one in Fort Point Channel so you could grab coffee and some treats (the egg sandwich is good and if they have the homemade nutella banana brioche thing as a special, it is yummy) and walk over behind the federal courthouse to sit and watch the boats.
    So for legit dinners, there are plenty of options- I'll throw out some names but a search of the board will get you more details.
    O Ya
    Mistral or Sorrellina
    Mamma Maria's

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      I would take DC's 2Amys over Pizzeria Regina any night, but that is sort of like saying you would take platinum over gold. Both are awesome and PR is absolutely one of my favorite places in Boston, so I fully endorse this suggestion. And it is much different from any pizza you would find in DC.

    2. Let's see - Speed Dog is a great choice. Go to the Fan Pier area. There is the Barking Crab, Legal Test Kitchen and Salvatore's. I second the recommendation for Regina's Pizza. If you are adventurous, you could travel to East Boston and go to Santarpio's Pizza. For seafood, there are Legal Seafood locations throughout the city and they're all pretty good. Good fried clams are tough to come by in the city. You could get them at Legal or go the No Name (also in Fan pier area). As far as diners go, try Mike's City Diner or Victoria Diner - two good ones. As far as eating and drinking ocean side, try Tia's near Quincy Market.

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      1. re: lowbuckbob

        I'd say DON'T go to the Fan Pier area: there is Barking Crab, Test Kitchen and Salvatores.

        You've researched well. I agree with others that Neptune Oyster and Pizzeria Regina in the North End are what you seek. Or, if you want to have dinner not far from the Paradise, Eastern Standard.

      2. There is no place in Boston that serves really good food and beer and is also on the water. Also, if there is a Sox game that night, have a Plan B--lots of crowds.

        I would roam around the North End and grab some lovely picnic items from the Italian groceries and head out to one of the parks (

        In Kenmore:
        Lower Depths has a great beer selection but mediocre food
        Audubon Circle has fancier good pub food
        Eastern Standard is a good choice

        On the Green Line:
        Publick House at Washington Square
        Washington Tavern at Washington Square
        Bukowski's at Back Bay/Hynes (great beer selection


        Back Bay: Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe
        Downtown: Mike's City Diner (24x7;

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        1. re: MaineRed

          Mike's City Diner is 24/7? I am pretty sure that is totally incorrect unless something drastic changed in the last couple of weeks.

          1. re: Gordough

            Mike's closes at 3pm every day.

            The not so far away (but rather less good) Victoria's Diner is open continuously from Thursday morning to Sunday evening.


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              Also, Mike's is not downtown, nor is Charlie's in the Back Bay. Both are in the South End, about 10 - 12 blocks apart.

        2. Great replies so far, but who are you seeing at the Paradise that costs more in DC than a plane ticket and hotel? It's a small club (900 capacity), and I've never seen a ticket there go for more than $25 or so (I'm seeing Todd Snider there in June, and it costs $15!). Just wondering. Have a great time here in Boston!

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          1. re: kimfair1

            Phoenix is the band. StubHub is selling the DC tickets at $250 a pop which should be illegal!!!

            Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I'll dig deeper and follow up if I need more advice, and i'll be sure to report back.

            1. re: mcmullek

              Yay, I'm going to that show too! Whatever you do, don't go to the bar next door, I think it is called 976 Commonwealth or something. Deep Ellum is further down the way, on Cambridge St, with a huge beer selection and really good cocktails!

          2. If you eat a Speed's dog each, depending on when you land, you won't want a huge dinner. The Paradise is right near (in?) Allston, so for your casual dinner you could do one of the neighborhood restaurants around there - but not all have beer, so if that's important, check in advance. Deep Ellum has great beer, fine food, and a cute deck - no water though. Eastern Standard (assuming no Red Sox game) is also easily accessible to Paradise.

            I've never been, but I would imagine that Neptune could fill your "Clam Box comparable" request - everyone raves about their seafood. You could eat there and wander the North End for a bit.

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            1. re: laura jean

              Neptune doesn't take reservations and there can be a line, which might interfere with the laid-backnesss of your pre-show dinner. Better for lunch IMHO, same menu. I'd go to Allston. And there is a Sox game on, at 7, so allow extra travel time.

              1. re: Aromatherapy

                Yeah, that's exactly what I intended to say (but I guess I didn't actually specify) - dinner in Allston, lunch the next day at Neptune, followed by walking around the city.