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May 21, 2009 09:20 AM

Dining near Randall's Island?

Going to Circue du Soleil this weekend on Randall's Island. Will be coming from central NJ. Looking for restaurant recommendations nearby for something nice and informal (defined as sit down, but not four star).


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  1. For those of us that have no clue where Randall's Island is, can you advise? Also, what types of cuisine? Help us help you. Thx.

    1. You're driving to Randall's Island? I assume that means you'll be going over the Triboro. If so, what about Patsy's (East Harlem) on 1st Ave around 117th?

      1. Randall's Island is close to the Triborough bridge. So it's close to Manhattan (Harlem very close) and to Queens (Astoria). Pretty much any kind of cuisine; we're almost omnivorous!

        1. I think Patsy's (1st Ave at 117 St) is a great idea since I figure you will be eating by 6pm or maybe earlier. The pizza is great and so is the house salad. Plus you can have wine or beer. Street parking should be no problem.

          A second (but equal) choice would be Pio Pio for Peruvian chicken, but on the West Side at 702 Amsterdam Ave. at 94th St. The parking will be easier than if you went to the Pio Pio on the East Side. The food is dirt cheap but I would stay with the chicken and the salad. Most of the rest of the menu is awful IMO.

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            Pio Pio is OK. I think the chicken at El Malecon on Amsterdam between 97th and 98th is a better bet. But I like the idea of Patsy's more.

            blf, for Astoria recommendations, go to the Outer Boroughs board.