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May 21, 2009 09:15 AM

Tim Horton's free iced coffee today!

right now 'til 5p.m.

No catches.

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  1. Is it as horribly pre-sweetened as their iced cappuccino, I wonder? Anyone tried it? I prefer my coffee unsweetened, or to at least be able to control the level of sweetness myself.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      I think it is sweetened because the website says they use a beverage base and is described as "It's a creamy, sweet blend of Tim Hortons coffee on ice."

    2. It is FULL of sugar. I rarely eat sugar, but if I do, I'll pay the cost of a small sorbet at Havre aux glaces (closest Tim's to me is just opposite the market). Probably less sugar than that iced "coffee"...

      1. Very sweet but it was nice to have while watching all the excitment with the firetrucks at Guy and de Maisoneuve on their way to Dr Penfield.

        1. I happen to have a McD's across my office, they're having free iced coffee afternoon as well and I just had one. It's not sweetened and it's actually not bad. Seems to be just coffee, milk and ice. I agree the other one is way sweet.

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          1. re: morebubbles

            It`s less sweet compared to the regular ice caps....pretty good! But super small portion...I finished it in about 4 seconds and my friend commented how fast I drank it.

          2. It is sweet and you get as much of a kick from the sugar as caffeine. However, coffee's not a taste I ever acquired; its bitter taste churns my stomach and the caffeine sends my heart into palpitations. I actually threw up from it on occasion back in my university days when I tried convincing (very briefly) myself it was the 'sophisticated' thing to drink.

            Long way of saying, I don't mind Tim's iced coffee or cap at all - that and the canned iced coffee in Chinatown is the only way I'll imbibe the poison.

            (of course, I threw up many more times from booze in the years prior to my coffee flirtation and somehow soldiered on, hahaha)