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May 21, 2009 09:04 AM

Little Lad's

Any feedback on this vegan restaurant at 120 Broadway, lower Manhattan? Recently received hashgacha.

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  1. I've only had their buffet. The food is pretty good. Nothing incredible, but given that it's a self serve buffet and I wasn't expecting fine dining I was pleased with the quality. They have 6 hot dished available at the buffet. One of those is generally some type of sauce that can be used for the other rice/potato/pasta dishes. They also have a salad bar and soups.

    If you eat in you pay per plate(however much you fit on a plate), if you take out you pay by weight. Buffet and salad bar are included in the same weight, soup you pay by the cup.

    It's a nice addition to the Wall Street options. As an existing restaurant that went kosher most of the clientele is not Jewish, and you can bring a non-Jewish/non-observant coworker without feeling guilty.

    1. this has got to be one of the most unusual kosher restaurants of all time. Very large space, probably a corporate cafeteria at one time. The restaurant is located in the subway concourse level of 120 Broadway, the equitable building.
      you pay on the way out. cashier and baked goods shelving is in front, buffet is located in a middle room, you can also order off the menu. very confusing at first but the staff is very, very friendly and will help you navigate. The food seemed tasty. nothing on the menu costs more than $5 and popcorn is the side dish that comes with most main courses. all the food is vegan. there are water pitchers throughout that are constantly refilled. there are tv's in the front and back areas showing vegetarian promotion videos [kind of like the rebbe videos at deli kasbah]. you pay on your way out.