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Aug 11, 2004 01:10 AM


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Guelaguetza has gotten good reviews so I am thinking of trying it. I am wondering about the location. There are three of them, one on Olympic, one of 8th St., and one on Palms. I'm not certain about the neighborhood of the Olympic and 8th locations. What about the Palms location. Is that the place to go?


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  1. yes. it is the best one of them all. in the same plaza as trader joe's too!!

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      I personally say the Olympic one, I mentioned in another post I photographed the food for their menu so I basically was able to try everything they have. Moles ore of course a huge hit along with the many things others have mentioned. Plus it is the only one with a bar (full) and they have made up some funky cocktails themselves. Try on that translaetes to The lion (or tiger) claw. I kind of like it

      1. re: jenn

        are those your photos in the new menu as well ?-very nice indeed--the drink your thinking of is the tigers claw-few sips and your on the floor.

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          The one on Palms serves alcohol (beer, wine, tequila etc) too.

      2. There have been quite a few posts on the subject of which one is best. The clear winner from my reading of all of the posts is the one on 8th St. The Palms location is west side convenient, but has had the most problematic posts as far as food quality is concerned.

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          I've been to the Guelaguetza at Palms and Sepulveda numerous times and have not personally had any problems. I love the Mole Negro, the Mole Coloradito, and they also make some tasty goat.


          Regarding the Palms neighborhood, it is perfectly safe, there is a Trader Joe's sharing the same parking lot, and there are lots of people around, at least until 9:30pm. Even after that, I can't imagine there would be any safety issues, it's a relatively crime-free area.

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            I too have been to the Palms location numerous times, but have never been to the 8th St. one. I have also always liked my food at the Palms venue. But for the folks who have been to both and posted about it here, they have shown a clear preference for the 8th St. location in terms of food.

            I am not sure if you were replying to the original poster re. the safety of the Palms neighborhood, or not? It wasn't something that I addressed in my post, but since I live in the local area, and am very happy with this area in terms of all the basic quality of life issues, including safety I could not agree more with your assessment on that score.

        2. the one on Olympic has the most history behind it and I find it to be the most authentic vibe.
          the owners typically remain at this location.

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          1. re: DK101

            "the one on Olympic has the most history behind it"

            I'm not sure I understand your comment.

            The 8th St. location is the original and IMHO the food has not changed over the years. The Olympic location is the nicest and most recent branch, though I have not been to the Palms locale, with entertainment on certain nights.

            1. re: Grog

              The Olympic location I believe was developed to be able to get an ABC license, which 8th St. apparently does not have. I go to the Palms one, which is owned by the sister of the owner of the other two. Geography will play an important factor in determining which one you go to, yet all 3 are good enough, and better than most competitors.

          2. I took my husband to the 8th Street location on his birthday a few weeks ago. Parking was kind of a hassle, but the neighborhood seemed ok enough. The food was great. We shared a tamale con mole negro, memelos (one with chorizo, one with the homemade Oaxacan cheese), and a goat taco. The taco is a huge tortilla rolled around about a pound of roasted goat, not sealed at the ends, not what you think of as a taco. Way more than enough food for the two of us. My plan was to follow up dinner with ice cream at Mashti Malone's, and we were so full that we had to drive around for awhile until we felt like going for the ice cream (saffron-rosewater, yum).

            1. I tried the one on Palms a few times and was pretty disappointed. I've also heard the other two are better, though.
              If you want Oaxacan on the westside I'd definitely say Monte Alban. The food is fantastic plus it is really cheap.