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May 21, 2009 08:39 AM

Tsuru Sushi Update

Sorry to say it has changed hands as well as the staff. It was fair at best last night. Some of hot food was god but the sushi rice was cold and hard and the fish, for the most part, was tasteless. They are still waiting for their liquor license; don't know if they will survive that long. Was one of our favorite places for omakasa.

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  1. It used to be one of my favorite "authentic" Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood, though a little pricey. Now that it has changed the ownership and kitchen staff (although one of the waitresses was still the same Japanese woman last night), we won't be returning. Very disappointed. I can't justify paying $18 for a sushi dinner that is mediocre.

    1. I think they have been going downhills for a few years now. I referred a coworker there one time and he came back very disappointed.... then I had a pretty bad experience with their service once and haven't been back since then. That's 5+ years ago!

      1. This used to be a weekend lunch place for me as well. Last time I was there we were served soggy katsu don and overdone karaage. Unfortunate...