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May 21, 2009 08:25 AM

Budget Friendly Lunches in Westchester

I love to eat out for lunch but find that I cannot spend much money. In these troubling economic time it is good to know that there are amazing places to get food for under $10. I have several places that I go to repeatedly. Here they are in no particular order...

White Plains
Ruth's Hot and Cold Deil - Jamaican
La Picara (Sunshine Deil) - Mexican
Karamba Kafe - Cuban
Dante's - Italian
Yaranoush - Mediterranean

The last two might technically be Hartsdale

Westchester Groceries - Indian in Thornwood

Corona's Lunch - Dominican in Sleepy Hollow

Med - Empanadas in Briarcliff Manor

Some of these places are Chowhound staples but some might be new. These are some of my favorite places but I am a man who loves variety. If anyone else has some great places for under $10 in Westchester, let me know. I prefer places close to White Plains but will take anywhere around Westchester, the more eclectic the better.

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  1. Lenny's Bagels in Rye Brook has a daily chalkboard of 6 or so creative, tasty, generously-stuffed bagel sandwiches for $5.99. All of the specials include choice of soup or small salad (cole slaw, potato, mac, or cucumber), and coffee or tea. The bagels themselves are arguably the best in Westchester.

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      Rye Brook is a little far for today, but I am going into Stamford this weekend and I will try it on my way home.

    2. I LOVE the salad bar (hot & cold) at the Asian produce market with all the flowers outside on the Bloomingdale Road end of Mamaroneck Ave--sorry I don't know the name (might be Sunshine something). For less than $10, I walk out with a mountain of healthy, tasty, ridiculously fresh food. Their hot food looks so savory & enticing.

      1. Most chinese/oriental restaurants have lunch specials that include soup and main dish for under $10. At EuroAsian in Port Chester they have a $9 lunch special that includes soup, a large salad, main dish and rice. It's a nice place to sit and be served.