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May 21, 2009 08:15 AM

Miami Barbecue in the Herald

Per the Herald today:

Having been born and raised in Miami, I am not quite so familiar with good cue. Since good cue is such an engaging and divisive issue, I was wondering if others in the board have been to any of these places and if they qualified. They definitely have the pedigree down, I just wonder if this is a better choice than say, Bulldog for authentic and ultimately tasty.

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  1. I am going to try some of the places and will report back


    1. Bulldog is fare from good bbq, in fact it is surviving on hype not thier food. In coconut grove off of Grand and Douglas road is a man who has been BBQing in his front yard on weekends since I was a kid and they are some of the best ribs I have ever had.....if those places profiled in the Herald are anything like that, then you are in for a wonderful surpise

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        Bulldog BBQ is packing them in.....and that's because they're serving up "North Miami Beach BBQ".....This style of BBQ is what the folks in that neighborhood like to eat.....and are accustomed to eating....These folks are largely from the northeast....haven't eaten good ol' "low-n-slow" southern-style BBQ.....and for the most part....that's not what Bulldog BBQ is serving up.......They are meeting that neighborhood's demand and that's good business....just not necessarily good BBQ.....

        I haven't been to Bulldog's....but I've been warned by others on this board....who know me and who know that I'm a BBQ Purist.....not to waste the gas, time or money.....Bulldog BBQ is a success here in Miami.....but would likely struggle with crowds that are accustomed to "real bbq" low n slow style.......