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May 21, 2009 08:04 AM

Dinner Montreal Friday night 10pm+

Hi, we are arriving Montreal for the first time on Friday night - driving up from NYC.

Staying at Le 1 Rene Levesque which was very well priced and hence more money to eat :-)

Is it possible to eat that late in Montreal ? Could you recommend a place for us to have dinner / drinks around 10pm - we would probably prefer something other than Asian food if possible.

Incidentally for the weekend we have quite a list but these places seem to stand out, if we can get seated of course - without reservations at this stage that may be tough !!

au cinquieme peche / Club Chasse et Peche / Le méac ? Want good French but not too formal or outrageously expensive - any opinions ?
Le Local
o thym (we prefer to bring our own wine - I will bring lots from NYC :)

Thanks and will follow up here when we return.


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  1. Kill two birds with one stone by making a beeline for Leméac on Friday. The after 10 p.m. special -- a reduced set of offerings from the regular menu -- is C$22 for first, main and coffee/tea. Wildly popular so best to call and reserve an hour or so ahead.

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    1. re: carswell

      was i unlucky to go there and really didn't like the food at all? I've been there once on friday night and i found the food to be sub par (maybe i'm unlucky or just very picky)

      1. re: mak2k

        Well, there's no disputing taste. That said, Leméac has many fans on this board and only a few detractors. I find the food consistently solid, the wine list excellent, the service perfect (for a bistro) and the overall ambiance upbeat and enjoyable.

        1. re: carswell

          hmm.. then i was probably unlucky then! i'll have to give it a second chance next time

    2. See also the recent Late Night Eats thread:

      And the Late Night Deals or Early Bird Specials thread:

      1. Of the other options, APDC is arguably the city's iconic restaurant. For various reasons, I'm less keen on it these days but lots and lots of people still are, and it's certainly worth a visit to see if you're one of them. A big point in its favour: it's open on Sunday.

        Au Cinquième Péché and Club Chasse et Pêche are both superb choices, the latter being somewhat pricier. I'd also add La Chronique to your shortlist. Le Local is as much about scene as food, has intermittent service issues and has just lost its head chef.

        Like its stablemates Les Infidèles and Monsieur B, O'Thym is solid but stolid, earthbound. I seldom get the impression there's a real chef in the kitchen. For that, head to Le P'tit Plateau, Le Bleu Raisin, La Colombe or maybe Christophe. Also, don't count on being able to bring more than two bottles of wine per adult across the border unless you're willing to pay duty on the overage.

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        1. re: carswell

          Thanks for your recommendations - exactly the kind of places we were looking for.

          Carswell, thank you - we plan to go to Lemeac on Friday night as you have recommended.

          We now have reservations for Le Local on Saturday evening and PDC (feel like we have to try it) for Sunday at 10pm.

          We hope to get reservations to one of either Au Cinquième Péché, Club Chasse et Pêche, Le P'tit Plateau, La Chronique or Le Bleu Raisin for Sat evening, probably in place of Le Local.

          If not we will try for lunch.

          One thing, we do not speak French.

          I can manage very basic French but I'm not understanding a lot of the menu choices.
          We would probably bring a little English / French food cheat sheet.

          Would that be a problem at the above mentioned places - don't want to appear rude ?

          Thanks again


          1. re: nycgenki

            I would encourage you to get a reservation at one of the other places you mention instead of Le Local. I have been disappointed by their service (and I think I am not the only one...)

            1. re: nycgenki

              Many of those places will have English menus as well, or waitstaff who will gladly help translate for you. However, a food cheat sheet would not be considered rude IMHO. Might not be much help, but if you want to make sure you're ordering veal, and not sweetbreads, for example, (veau vs. ris de veau) it could come in handy...

              1. re: nycgenki

                All are adept at handling anglophones. Their English may not always be perfect but their welcome and graciousness are.

                1. re: carswell

                  Thanks for the recommendations - special thanks to carswell - great running into you at Au Cinquième Péché !

                  We had simply superb meals in Montreal - what a great culinary destination.

                  Lemeac - perfect service, great wine, fantastic bistro food done right.
                  Au Cinquième Péché - very very good food, amazing service. Inventive.
                  PDC - I have to say this place really blew us away - even with all the hype.
                  We ate the left over duck on our way back from the Montreal Casino in the early hours of the morning :-)

                  Now I'm thinking about driving back up tonight !

                  Thanks again chowhounders.