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May 21, 2009 07:58 AM

Help! Last minute group dinner!

Help! My in-laws & co. will be in NYC to celebrate my husband's graduation from medical school - big deal! They want to eat somewhere nice, a bit trendy, but of course, has good food. My husband wants new american style food (think Freemans, etc.) but is concerned about the price. We're looking for something that is around $40 per person (including tax/tip). Any suggestions would be helpful!!

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  1. Go Italian at Crispo - it's festive and fun, and the food's great! Another idea for something a little more refined is Duane Park Cafe. We were there last weekend and it was just wodnerful! The portions are generous and entrees were about $24 and apps (which you could just do several for the table instead of one per person) were about $9. Whole experience was great, and reasonable wine list, too!

    1. Head over for the $35 prix fixe menu at Nougatine!

        1. You didn't say how many people, so I'm mentioning places that could accommodate a group on short notice rather than focusing strictly on food. If it's just 6 of you, that's not really a group. Including tax, tip... and alcohol in the $40? Or no drinking? I'm just thinking, the more you are willing to spend, the more accommodating they become.

          Freemans has at least one private room, so instead of a la carte overspending why not call in advance, maybe you could put together a "catering" menu there that costs what you want.

          Tailor too, they are operating in bankruptcy from what I read, so maybe they'd appreciate the business on an off night.

          Hearth, depending on the night they'd have space.

          Then there is Landmarc at TWC where you could to it. It's not cutting edge by any means, but I'm throwing it out there if you have trouble finding a spot

          1. Recommending restaurants on the LES purely because you used Freeman's as an example, implying LES as an ok area for dinner:
            Clinton St Baking Company - so much less fuss than brunch and very good
            Little Giant