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May 21, 2009 07:38 AM

25th Birthday Dinner (Dallas)

Hey Everyone!

I am new to this site and have found a lot of great information about Dallas! My boyfriend and I have lived here (Addison, now Carrollton) for two years and his birthday is in a few weeks. We have been to The French Room, Abacus, Fearings, Trulucks and Texas de Brazil in the past year and I wanted to take him somewhere we haven't been.

I would love some suggestions of where to take him to dinner for his birthday. I wanted to go someplace upscale, but nothing pretentious or stuffy. I have read some good things on here about Lola and Stephen Pyles. We are open to all different cuisines, anywhere in the metroplex, but not as far as Fort Worth.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. While I do love Lola, what about Local? I love that place. Kind of funky. The food is good.

    1. Go for the non-upscale but awesome food.

      Afghan Grill was awesome on my first visit and the owner even offered my wife and I two galsses of wine for our anniversary when we went. Would highly recommend the Aush (soup) and the Kadu Buranee (pumpkin with a tomato based suace on top with spiced Basmati)

      Little Sichuan in Plano (ask for Jean Gao) and get something off the white board. The flavors on that board have never been seen anywhere in Dallas and the chef is awesome. They usually have a seasonal vegetable on the whiteboard prepared in the Sichuan style. Skip the beef with cumin it is a bit much. Make sure you order the cold cucumbers especially if it is a hot night.
      Can look up my posts on here

      Taste of the Islands in Plano (if you have a passbook there is a BOGO coupon) greta food but not romantic. The regular customers might actually ask you to stay and play dominoes. Great homey feel. I like the roti, curried oxtails, meat patties, and the cabbage side. Just about everything is going to be great.

      Nam Hua in Garland is probably the best place to try out Vietnamese b/c of the large selection on the menu. Digs are decent but the food awesome. Bahn Xeo is the best in the city (if not the only), seafood hot pot is addictive, crab rangoon is freshly prepared, lotus root salad is good on a hot day. I haven't had a bad meal ever.
      GuideLive did have the review but they changed things around
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      Masami in Richardson ( coupon) is one of the best for sushi. Many on here will attest to the quality. Ask for Ryo (Rio


      La Palapa Veracruzana in Dallas on Jefferson is the best Mexican restaurant....partly because this style (Veracruz) is not highlighted but in one dish elsewhere. This restaurant specializes in all the dishes in the Veracruz style. Call ahead and see if they have enmoladas (tortillas in a housemade mole -they are worth the drive). I have had the hauchinango ala Veracruzana (Red Snapper Veracruz style - awesome), cmarones ala diabla (shrimp in a spicy chipotle canned sauce but homemade and it packs a punch - awesome), enfrijoladas (black bean smothered tortillas - awesome). Ask for Raul or Jaretzy.

      Seabreeze in Plano if hungry for seafood. Never a bad meal there and it is always fresh.

      Lola is good and will be there for a long time...if you do go ask for the house cured charcuterie plate, get some awesome wine, and ask to meet Chef David Uygar he is timid but an awesome chef!

      Let me know if you need any others....I have a few more in my rotation.

      1. Here are a few places i like:

        Hattie's: upscale southern (oak cliff)
        Tillman's Roadhouse: american (oak cliff)
        Teppo: japanese (greenville)
        Kozy Kitchen: american...not too upscale (uptown)
        The Grape: new american (greenville)
        Charlie Palmer: upsale as abacus (downtown)

        These are a few places i like but not in any particular order.

        Have a wonderful dinner!

        1. IMO, the board has been pretty split on Pyles. When you consider what you can get in the DFW area, Pyles is extremely expensive. For special dinners, my husband and I like tasting menus. Nana has great food, but the service downright sucks. So, if you are a type A like myself, you may get pretty frustrated by the end of the evening. Scallops are probably the best in town. Lola's good because you can have a smaller or larger tasting menu and they seem to use lots of local ingredients. I have not been to Local, but people seem to really love it. Dean Fearing's restaurant at the Ritz has gotten lots of great reviews. I haven't been there yet, but my birthday is quickly arriving ;-) Lewisville Hounder pointed out some great ethnic eats and maybe you want something a little more upscale for a birthday celebration, but you need to check some of his suggestions out. I'd also include El Ranchito for Mexican (especially fun if you are with a big group), Afrah for Lebanese, and Seoul Garden for Korean. Happy Eating!

          1. Thank you all for the great suggestions! I haven't decided where to go yet, but I can't wait to try out all of these places!