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May 21, 2009 07:21 AM


Has anyone tried it?
They just opened.
The review I read mentioned that the banana pudding and the sweet potato fries are a must have.

2112 Yonge Street

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  1. Excellent burger and topping options...both standard fries and sweet potato are great. for burger lovers this is the best option in the neighbourhood. also a nice choice of salad options. had the spinach salad, definitely recommend it.

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    1. re: dargo

      Have been a few times - the burgers are excellent. The toppings are great and yes, they do add up in price, but, that's okay by me for the overall quality. Not crazy about the fries, if they are not coated, they taste like it. Sweet potato fries are good - brownie and banana pudding delicious. The owner is one of the orignial owners of Toby's from way back in the day. Parking is not as much problem as you might think and you can park at Sammy's when they are CLOSED.