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Dallas - best flour tortillas?

I've tried the flour tortillas from Central Market in Plano and from Aparicio's (Plano Tortilla Factory) on 18th St in Plano. I found them both to be good, but are there any better? Are there any other places that sell fresh made flour tortillas? I'm on a quest to find the flour tortilla that comes closest to the ones my friend's grandmother makes.

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  1. there's a taqueria/tortilleria at the corner of Fyke and Josey (between Vallwood and Beltline) that cranks out fresh flour tortillas day in day out. It's called Tortilleria La Sabrocita. They put them in an Igloo cooler so they stay warm. Good stuff. They also have some of the best carnitas I've tasted in the Dallas area, but I don't care for their al pastor much....too much pineapple.

    Tortilleria La Sabrocita
    Address: 14520 Josey Ln, Farmers Branch, TX 75234
    Phone: (972) 247-5833

    1. Well they don't sell them without a entree purchase but the thick ones at Gonzales on Jefferson or the one in Pleasant Grove are quite tasty.

      1. Danals in Irving has the best of the best flour tortillas in my opinion. They blister them which adds a wonderful flavor. Since they sell their salsa and chips, I don't know why they wouldn't bundle up the tortillas as well. Be sure to get some of the salsa to go as well.

        1. I like the raw flour tortillas at Whole Foods. They keep forever and I can just grill them whenever I want. I don't know that they are the best tasting (on par with CM's), but they are pretty good. Do you want a flatter tortilla or fluffier? For convenience, that taco chain (the pink one...I can't remember the name, but they are everywhere like Taco Bell) sells fresh made tortillas. Cuquita's has amazing corn tortillas. I guess I never order flour when I go out.

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            That "pink one" would be Taco Cabana (a chain from San Antonio)

          2. The Kroger on Coit at Beltline makes flour tortillas. I think they're better than the Central Market ones.

            I'm more of a corn tortilla fan though.

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              Thank you! I'll try out Kroger since that's the closest place to me. I'm not usually a corn tortilla fan but the ones from Taqueria El Fuego changed my mind. Yummm... I was actually thinking of asking them if they'd sell me some for my party.

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                Does anyone but me remember the old Herrera's on Maple (since burned down and moved across to its less historic locale) where you waited 2 hours sitting on a chest of cold beer amongst the pick up trucks and Jaguars? You knew your seat was near when you saw the old woman hand forming the tortillas just beyond the threshold of the entrance. The thick, chewy torts were nothing short of amazing and are somehow replicated to this day at one of the few locations remaining. Find this chowhound at the Josey Lane location several times per month.

            2. All though I like El Fuego's I personally think the butter Tortillas at Central are by far the most tasty. In fact the Plano location was out of them several times, so I ended up making my own. I now mostly make my own that are pretty much spot on to theirs. That being said if you want to buy them it's really hard to beat them for fluffy mouth feel and taste.

              1. You should try the raw flour tortillas called La Abuela. I know they have them in the refridgerated section next the mexican cheese. I love them and I am sure you would agree if you were to taste them.

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                2. When In Dallas, Im happy if I get ANY flour tortillas with my meal...let alone the best.

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                    Are you saying no one gives you tortillas in Dallas? Or that no one has tortillas in Dallas? Both answers are wrong. Do you like Dallas?

                  2. Oh, this is an easy one. The (absolute) very best flour tortillas in Dallas? Answer: Restaurant Gonzalez on Jefferson in Oak Cliff. None better, anywhere! Always fresh and, hand made at the restaurant from scratch.
                    I defy anyone to say they've had better.

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                      To each his own, but we live walking distance from Gonzalez on Jefferson and refer to the flour tortillas there as the "pancakes". They are so thick and foul tasting that they are not edible. Even mediocre store bought tortillas are better.

                      I do like the Central Market ones, but several of the mercados in Oak Cliff make fresh tortillas that are terrific. They are not that great the next day, but when you get them fresh and warm, they can't be beat.

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                        Which are the several mercados in Oak Clif and are they hand made or machine made tortillas?

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                          I'd also love to know which mercados you like. There's a new place on Davis between Edgefield and Clinton that I've been meaning to check out.

                      2. I grew up in the land of the Flour Tortilla and I'd rather go to Rosa's Cafe for tortillas as anywhere else. They aren't like I used to get back home, but you won't find that in Dallas anyway. If you would like to make your own, try getting some Masa at Carnival Grocery or Fiesta Grocery. That's pretty close to home made.