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May 21, 2009 04:43 AM

Special items from Sicily

I have a friend visiting Sicily.
I am in New York.

He is willing to bring back any food that we can't get here.
Do you have suggestions for anything special?

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  1. sun-dried pomodori di Pachino
    canned or jarred pomodori di Pachino
    marmalade made from tarocchi oranges
    estratto (strattu) di pomodoro -- superrich tomato paste
    jars of marinated vegetables, tuna-filled small hot red peppers
    there must be some good artisanal pastas
    capperi di Pantelleria

    1. Bottarga
      Capers in salt AND caper berries
      A good local olive oil
      Anchovies with peperoncini
      Chocolate from Modica

      Coming home, my suitcase will filled with food. I even managed to bring home some delicious smoked swordfish which I had vacuum packed. There's some fabulous cheese around - anything aged is ok through customs.

      1. Pistaccio di Bronte and anything made out of it