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May 21, 2009 04:21 AM

Certified Angus Burgers Chester County

Any suggestions where there are certified Angus Burgers in Chester County. Fresh ground would be nice. Nothing fancy or extravagant just a good old fashioned burger - no chains please.

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  1. Check with the Country Butcher in Kennett, or Worrell's in Malvern.

    1. I believe Pietro's Prime in West Chester does this.

      1. After reading DrZibbs' post, I realized I assumed you were looking for UNcooked burgers. Oh, well.

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        1. re: CindyJ

          I was looking for a restaurant or take out with great burgers. I am tired of the Five Guys types. Thanks for the response though.

        2. A new "gourmet" burger place is opening in Downingtown next to firecreek (intersection of RT30 and 322). I haven't been yet, I'm not sure if they're open yet, but the potential is there for them to do a nice job.

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          1. re: jec6

            Just started a new thread about this place - Doghouse Gourmet Burgers. Supposedly the focus is going to be on local and grass-fed beef, which in my book is better than Angus any day.