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May 21, 2009 04:21 AM

Lahore Kebab House - Which one?

I am visiting London in a couple of weeks and vaguely remember a very good review of a curry house called the Lahore Kebab House in the Guardian. A quick Google however has thrown up multiple restaurants with the same name, any one any ideas as to which one it might have been, where it is and whether or not its still as good as written?

Also be interested in interesting cheap eats in and around Holborn area.


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  1. I would imagine it's the one in Whitechapel off Commercial Road which is very good but I would give that a miss and head not too far up the road to Tayaabs if you can - it's by far the best, although there is sometimes a pretty big queue.
    If you could please define what you mean by 'cheap eats' - different people have different perceptions of value?

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    1. re: pj26

      Cheap eats is a meal for around £15 a head, so looking middle eastern or east i guess?

      Thanks for the tayaabs tip

      1. re: stanleyk

        It's this one, as the person above said - off Commerical Road.

        Having only eating a few bites in Tayyabs not an entirely fair comparison, I think I prefer the food at Lahore.

        Lahore does look like a cross between a taxi office and transport cafe so don't go for ambience - but it does have Sky Sports (so do go if you didn't want to miss the footy) - it isn't the current darling of the cheap london eats, so you don't have to queue for two hours to get a table and no one will be rushing you off either.