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May 21, 2009 02:41 AM

Where can I buy a ThermaPen?

So I've just learned of this wonderful device called a ThermaPen.. apparently its like the best infrared digital temperature thermometer that money can buy... Sure, it costs like a hundred bucks almost, but the perks and benefits and accuracy sound worth it for a foodie like me.

" The reduced-diameter needle tip of the Super-Fast model only requires about 1/8” immersion so you can take the temperature of even thin burger patties. And, you’ll only leave a tiny, self-closing hole in your steak instead of the gaping “juice-drain” left by “digital BBQ forks” or the old dial-type meat thermometers."

Where can I purchase a real Thermapen in the GTA? There seems to be many imitators out there. I guess I could order one online, but they're going to rape me on shipping charges and our dollar is right down the crapper, so if I can purchase in-person I can have fun with it right away


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  1. Our dollar is at $0.88 right now against the USD, so it's actually not that bad!

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    1. Trust me and don't order it through the states, they had a special on their website about a month ago for about 15 dollars off regular price which I thought I had lucked out for because they never seem to go on sale. By the time it got past customs, shipping charges and the american dollar had its way with the price I ended up paying more than I would have here even with the savings..
      They have them stocked at Ontario Gas BBQ in Vaughn, but call ahead just to make sure. I am pretty sure they have them in a few of their colors as well.
      You could also try Degrees Kitchen Store 2588 Yonge Street Toronto (416) 484-8222.

      You are making a good investment Duckdown. It hurts to spend this much on a meat thermometer I know, but it is an amazing kitchen tool. I don't over or under cook meat anymore even by a single degree. I LOVE IT! According to reviews as well the imitators will not last compared with the thermapen and the accuracy cannot be compared either. Enjoy!

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      1. re: mlukan


        Yeah I was worried about ordering it from the website... I hate ordering stuff from the USA online, for exactly the reasons you mentioned... also they're clamining its some special $15 off sale as well, again

        I'm definitely gonna call the places you mentioned right now, thanks very much in advance. Hoping to head out to pick one out today


      2. Frig, I'm kind of torn on this.

        As you said, mlukan, Ontario Gas BBQ definitely DOES have them, but they're going for $130 or so plus tax, comes to almost $150. BUT on their website, they have a brand new model that starts shipping June 1st. It is waterproof and also has new and improved readings & read times... AND it's only $92+18.50 shipping USD = 126.014 CAD.. So the only thing that could nail me is customs... but something tells me customs wouldn't be that much and will still end up cheaper in the long run

        decisions, decisions!

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        1. re: duckdown

          DD, i think I saw them at this supplier recently. Call to be sure.

          European Hotel & Restaurant Imports Ltd
          343 Horner Avenue, Etobicoke, ON M8W 1Z6
          Telephone : 416-253-9449

          And they may be less expensive than a regular retailer. I've been buying most of my wares there for decades. Kenny usually serves me.

          If you need any china check out the basement for special deals.

          1. re: iamafoodie

            Although the thermapen is very accurate and very fast, I don't like piercing my meat too often to check the temp because it will leak juices even if the hole is small. I like the digital wired/wireless units which allow me to set it and watch it. The thermapen is good for people like food inspectors because they need accuracy and they want it fast (for checking food safety).

            To avoid "international shipping" and customs ordering from the US, you could ship to Buffalo and go pick up...while you're there, do some shopping and enjoy the day.

            1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

              "Although the thermapen is very accurate and very fast, I don't like piercing my meat too often to check the temp because it will leak juices even if the hole is small."

              Oh very true, I wouldn't be poking at something every few minutes or whatever.

              I'm pretty good at judging when something is done or not, or to what degree, but I think the thermapen would help in the sense that I can check the temperature of something earlier than my instincts would tell me to pull it off the heat... so if my instincts are wrong, and god knows they are often enough, I'll know whats really going on as far as doneness is concerned.. People that own them seem to love them, they get quite a few mentions on the cookware board... *shrug*

            2. re: iamafoodie

              Hey thanks alot man, sounds like a great place. I'm gonna drop in very soon... I know where Horner is and I'm in that area from time to time

              Thanks for the tip!

            3. re: duckdown

              No way Duckdown, the new improved. I think i'm gonna send mine back and demand a new model. I would suggest you hold out for the new model. I always get nervous holding a 130 dollar meat thermometer over hot liquids when I know it is not waterproof, and the wrist band is a pain in the ass.
              I swear this always happens to me, I buy something thinking I got the best and turn around and there is a brand new model. I am still happy with it regardless.

              1. re: mlukan

                "I swear this always happens to me, I buy something thinking I got the best and turn around and there is a brand new model."

                tell me about it -- story of my life!

                yeah, I went ahead and pre-ordered their new model. It ships June 1st, and is the price stated above

                Many thanks to everyone for the suggestions though, I swear if there wasn't a new model I would have bought it right away from the other places mentioned in here

                Many thanks, everyone


              2. re: duckdown

                Which shipping method you pick will greatly affect the end price. If you picked UPS they WILL ding you with their totally crazy crazy brokerage fee. I hope you picked USPS 6 - 10 day, this is your best chance to get it with no duty and no brokerage fees.

                1. re: Tor.hound

                  that is the one i picked :D

                  god, i hate UPS
                  this makes me feel better,,,thanks!

              3. I ordered mine directly from the supplier with no problems. I requested that they send it regualr mail as I also hate UPS and their overinflated pricing practices.

                There was a kitchen store on Yonge St north of Eglinton that carried them. I only recall that they were on the east side of the street. Maybe close to the Little Party Shoppe??? Their prices were about par to what I paid directly from the supplier.

                What ever you end up doing you won't regret it. We absolutely love our Thermapen!

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                1. re: lyndak

                  Thought about it further and here is the store I"m refering to above


                  I called and they do carry the Thermapen, it's priced at $119.95

                  1. re: lyndak

                    Ah thanks, mlukan mentioned them in his first post, but I didn't get around to finding their website. $119 is better than Ontario Gas BBQ which is charging $130, but I like how I can get their new model for only about $126 after conversion

                    Thanks for the suggestion! Looking forward to using it

                    1. re: duckdown

                      I decided not to wait for the new one and ordered the old design direct from ThermoWorks.

                      In addition to what ThermoWorks charged me, Canada Post added PST, GST and a $5 handling (customs clearance) fee. There was no duty. Shipped by USPS / Canada Post, my total cost including tax and handling was C$117.24. I ordered on a Monday, they shipped the next day and it arrived on the following Friday, so 8 business days shipping and 9 business days total. (And man it seemed like a long wait.)

                      At first I could not believe anyone would pay that much for a thermometer, but after reading some reviews and comparing it to the thick probe and slow response of my existing BBQ fork it did not take long for it to become a "just gotta have it" item.

                      1. re: BruceMcK

                        I just got noticed that my new model has shipped finally... I know what you mean, it already seems like a long wait :D I also imagine it quickly will become one of my most used tools in the kitchen as well.. I mean cooking a steak to the right degree isn't so difficult, but when you've got a large roast and want to get it JUST right... this will really be good for that...and using it to make sure you don't dry out your chickens or turkeys, etc.. looking forward to it

                        thanks for the info Bruce :) Hope I don't get dinged too bad on overage charges when it arrives

                        1. re: BruceMcK

                          Small packages from USPS often come through with no charges, but once in awhile I get dinged with the $5 fee and taxes.
                          With UPS I always get mega-dinged, so I ask the vendor not to use them. In addition, you have to wait around for UPS all day, or go pick it up in Vaughan.

                          1. re: jayt90

                            ah, good to know, thanks are right, UPS is brutal

                            1. re: duckdown

                              UPS customs clearance charges on standard shipping are brutal.

                              Their express and expedited services include customs clearance, but you and the store have to know what to ask for. Here is a link with their charges:

                              For low value shipments I still find USPS / Canada Post to be the best value, except they are slow and often don't provide tracking numbers.

                          2. re: BruceMcK

                            The old model, the nonsplashproof model is on sale from the company for $74 US.
                            It's a good price, but the new model does offer a bit more protection. Both are still cheaper than the Cdn price, including shipping, taxes, etc..., provided you go through USPS.

                            1. re: BruceMcK

                              Thanks for the detailed information. Did the post office accept a credit card for payment when they came to your door or did it need to be exact cash?

                              1. re: Emily Rose

                                I can now answer my own question. They accepted a credit card at the door. I ordered direct from Thermoworks and the cost was as follows. 96.00 for the new splash proof pen and 8.00 for a case to protect it. I chose the 7.55 delivery option.
                                The total was 111.55 US. funds. When it was billed on my credit card in Can. funds it was 126.00. The exchange rate was listed as 1.09 but I believe the credit card company may have another charge in there. It came delivered by Can. Post and they collected the sales taxes + a 5.00 service fee. This all came to 18.70 at the door. I ordered one Monday and it was delivered the following Tues. so 8 days including the week-end. It seems like a lot to pay but if it is the last thermometer I need it will be worth every penny. I always over cook the hamburgers as I want to be sure they are done. Now that can end.. Hope that this information will help someone else in making a decision.

                                1. re: Emily Rose

                                  I just recently ordered their newest model as well -- very happy with it.. Been getting alot of use so far!

                                  1. re: duckdown

                                    In case anyone is still looking, I just read in The Star today that Degrees on Yonge Street is carrying the Termapen, retailing at $115.

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