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May 21, 2009 02:26 AM

Club Soda in France?

Hi everyone,
I apologize if this question has an obvious answer that I am missing, but, here goes:

I'm trying to make some ginger ale and I need to find soda water. I've been to a few grocery stores here where I live (outside Paris) and I can't find it. I mistakenly bought "Indian soda," which I believe turned out to be tonic.

What is club soda called here? Is it actually just the same thing as fizzy bottled water? If so, I know I can get that easily :)

Thanks so much!

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  1. Isn't Club Soda the same as Soda Water in the UK. We used to have a "soda siphon" at home to make it. Basically water and a CO2 canister to carbonate the water. Sounds like sparkling water will do.

    Better option is to make ginger beer: lemons (no pith), sugar, ginger, water, cream of tartar, and yeast. It won't be a great mixer but it is a great drink - it seems to have a revival in the UK.

    1. Any sparkling water in France (eau gazeuse, eau petillante) is exactly the same as "club soda", which is just carbonated water.

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        I would slightly disagree with CJT. I still remember the first time I had Vichy-St-Yorre and was overwhelmed by the salty taste of it. Some sparkling waters are less bubbly than others. For my palette, if I want a really carbonated sparkling mineral water, I lean towards Badoit in the red bottle (petillante), or Perrier.

        There may be generic soda waters in addition to sparkling mineral water available. I'd suggest checking the labels for the mineral levels to compare them, and if you choose a bubbly water you haven't tasted before, try it to make sure you like the flavor, or maybe even better, lack of flavor. Please report back. It will be interesting to read how it turns out.

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          Schweppes' Ginger Ale is readily available in Franprix, Carrefour, Super U, and many other markets. End of problem.

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            Altho ginger ale is delicious, it is not the same as club soda, which has no flavor.

            I would look for a petillante water that has no to low salt content. I think that's the closest you will come. to club soda.

      2. Thanks for the help, everyone.

        I tried a bottle of Perrier for the first batch and it worked just fine, but the overall result of the ginger ale was less carbonated than I had hoped... I am buying a few other brands and will just have to see which ones work best.

        On a related note, the homemade ginger ale, with fresh mint, is VERY refreshing during the hot days we had earlier this week. I highly recommend making some, even though it's time-consuming!