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Chili's in Ontario

Has anyone tried the new Chili's that has opened up in Ontario,Canada? I am curious to know if it is worth trying.

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  1. If it's anything like the Chili's out west, or the Chili's in the States, probably not. I mean, I'm sure there will be some novelty factor, but it's a chain restaurant and if the current iterations are pretty mediocre, I can't imagine the ones opening here to be any better.

    1. Check this out:

      I'm glad they made it here, but in the minority.

        1. If you've been to Boston Pizza, Jack Astor's, TGI Friday's and the like, you've been to Chili's.


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            I hope you're wrong. I went to Chili's in the States a few years ago and I really enjoyed the fajitas.

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              that goes to show that there's always an audience for something

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                Whatever, many chains specialize in something! I like to reserve judgement on any type of restaurant until I actually try it myself. More chowhounders imho should follow my lead.

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                I want to try their wings, i heard they're insanely hot...

            2. I like their country-fried steak, basically a cut of not-so-great steak in a white sauce. Real "white-trash" cooking, but very good.

              1. If they were within a transit shot via TTC i'd be there. Chili's has great appetizers, the tostada like nachos, skillet queso, southwestern egg-rolls. The salsa they serve probably comes from a huge bag or something but it's always really tasty! It's not a great dinner destination but well above the local chains for appetizers and drinks.

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                  Aren't those more like Tex-Mex than real Mexican? I spent a week in San Diego last summer and man even their chain Mexican restaurants are more authentic than what we have up here. Is there no decent place where one can get actual tortillas that taste like tortillas (either corn or flour)? How about Carne Asada, Carnitas, Tamales or even a half decent mole sauce? Anyone know of a good Mexican restaurant in east Toronto?

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                    I agree. I know, the foodies in here all want to see "authentic Mexican", but even just one "McMexican" would be better than what we have. Just want to see familiar food at a decent price at a family-run place you wouldn't be embarassed to be caught dead at (as opposed to Taco Bell or now Chili's). We have plenty of McSushi, McThai, and McChinese already (you all know what I mean by that)..... just missing the McMexican part of the equation!!

                    For those who cross the border, a good example of McMexican would be "La Galera" at the corner of I-190 and Niagara Falls Blvd. in Niagara Falls, NY (and you'll find plenty of that type of restaurant across the USA, with almost identical menus and pricing -- much like the McSushi phenomenon).

                    Nice unpretentious place to have lunch at a reasonable price (and avoiding the fast food chains) before either shopping or continuing on a road trip. That place is to Mexican food what all the "oversized sushi rolls from hell" places are to Japanese food. Always see locals eating there, rarely see Ontario plates parked out front (if you do, it's probably me)....

                    If anybody opens a place like that in the east GTA I'd be there once a week at least. The infamous Lindo's of Durham Region ("we suck because we can't get a liquor license") don't count - they're overpriced for what you get, with too narrow a menu compared to La Galera.

                2. Just look what a chum slick of nachos, fajitas, and industrial salsa does. Makes me cry. There's no better index of how desperate--and deprived--the GTA is for Mexican food.

                  1. It is what it is, but I think it's better than other chains like TGIF, Jack Astor's etc. It's not fair to compare it to the wicked real Mexican that you've had in LA, San Antonio or wherever because it's not that. If it's anything like the Chili's I used to go to when I lived in Taipei, it's not a bad place to eat and have a few drinks at the bar. Too bad it's way up in Woodbridge, that's not going to help it's defense against the purists.

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                      It is what it is is exactly right ziggy! Some of these comments are giggle inducing, this is similar to when someone suggested that Moe's Southwest Grill could be the "authentic Mexicanan breathrough" for the GTA. I don't get why anyone would fathom that a a chain resturaunt that serves items like Chicken Club Tacos, or Sothwest Eggrolls in over a hundred locations worldwide would be an authentic Mexican food experience. Think TGI Friday's menu with some items leaning towards Tex-Mex/Cal-Mex. They don't even try to be a Chevy's or Chi Chi's style Tex-Mex chain resto.

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                        I seriously don't think anyone is expecting Chili's to offer authentic Mexican food anymore than the Olive Garden representing real Italian cuisine. It's not. It's a chain. It's cheap, the food is pretty much the same freezer-to-fryer stuff at places like Kelsey's, Applebee's, etc.

                        If you feel comfortable eating in those restaurants, and think that the food is acceptable, then you will probably be fine at Chili's.

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                        Cheer up. At least Woodbridge is closer than Taiwan...

                        1. re: Kagemusha

                          .......and the servers aren't wearing wacky hats and "pieces of flair" either.