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May 20, 2009 10:12 PM

Chili's in Ontario

Has anyone tried the new Chili's that has opened up in Ontario,Canada? I am curious to know if it is worth trying.

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  1. If it's anything like the Chili's out west, or the Chili's in the States, probably not. I mean, I'm sure there will be some novelty factor, but it's a chain restaurant and if the current iterations are pretty mediocre, I can't imagine the ones opening here to be any better.

    1. Check this out:

      I'm glad they made it here, but in the minority.

        1. If you've been to Boston Pizza, Jack Astor's, TGI Friday's and the like, you've been to Chili's.


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          1. re: Davwud

            I hope you're wrong. I went to Chili's in the States a few years ago and I really enjoyed the fajitas.

            1. re: callitasicit

              that goes to show that there's always an audience for something

              1. re: atomeyes

                Whatever, many chains specialize in something! I like to reserve judgement on any type of restaurant until I actually try it myself. More chowhounders imho should follow my lead.

              2. re: callitasicit

                I want to try their wings, i heard they're insanely hot...

            2. I like their country-fried steak, basically a cut of not-so-great steak in a white sauce. Real "white-trash" cooking, but very good.