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May 20, 2009 09:06 PM

Best / Favorite 5 restaurants on North Shore??

Doesn't have to be fine dining, but fine is fine too. Maybe some hidden gems or best bang for the buck, or a great dive, or just plain awesome dining experience.
Grapevine, Salem
Tryst, Beverly
Sixty-Two on Wharf, Salem
Halibut Point, Gloucester
Lobsta Land, Gloucester
Ceilito Lindo, Beverly

Just a few of my faves, would love to hear of yours.

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    1. Pellana, Peabody for a high end meal
      Brothers, Foster St, Peabody for a quick lunch or dinner

      1. Here are a few of mine:
        Favorite pub: Old Spot, Salem
        Favorite fine dining: Sixty2onWharf, Salem
        Favorite Asian: Taste of Asia, Salem
        Favorite Mexican: Agave, Newburyport
        Favorite bakery/hidden gem: A&J King, Salem
        Favorite breakfast: Reds, Salem

        1. My 5 favs:

          Lobster Pool, Rockport
          Top Dog, Rockport
          Nick's Famous, Beverly
          Pellino's, Marblehead
          The Village Restaurant, Essex

          1. To name a few:

            Wild Horse, Beverly
            9 Elm, Danvers
            Windward Grill, Essex
            Garden City Pub, Beverly
            Courthouse Pub, Peabody

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            1. re: ladyfish

              Never heard of 9 Elm. Tell me about it, please!

              1. re: hoohah

                9 Elm is a small (12-15 tables) place in the Square where Grappa's used ot be. It's owned by a local husband & wife, has a great menu. I love their beet salad, scallops, swordfish special - there's alway great specials; it's casual, beer & wine are served, I highly recomend it. I've never had a bad meal there!


                1. re: ladyfish

                  Just recently went to Nine Elm and had an excellent meal there. Cozy dining room, great service and delicious food. The PEI mussels were sooo good, and the filet mignon was terrific. I'm already planning to go back!


                  1. re: NSDishGal

                    I have eaten at 9 Elm twice. Both times, I was completely unimpressed with the food. Spend a little more and walk right around the corner to I Pazzi if you really want a GREAT meal. One night while at the bar at Harry's 240 in Beverly, 9 Elm was the topic of discussion. I wasn't very surprised to hear that almost everyone had the same reaction. Almost everyone had eaten at 9 Elm once, but nobody had the desire to go there again. In other words, nobody hated their meal but the food wasn't good enough to make them want to go there again. However, all agreed I Pazzi was a far better choice for a great meal.

                    I Pazzi
                    50 Maple Street, Danvers, MA 01923

                    Harry's 240 Restaurant
                    240 Rantoul St, Beverly, MA 01915

                    1. re: cjl00_0

                      Interesting. I really did enjoy the food at 9 Elm; thought it was fresh tasting and nicely presented. Though I haven't had a chance to get back myself, friends have reported good meals there since.

                      I have been meaning to try I Pazzi for a while and will have to move it up on my list. Thanks for the heads up!

                      I Pazzi
                      50 Maple Street, Danvers, MA 01923