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May 20, 2009 07:34 PM

Where to eat in Portand

I am coming to Portland with DH who is coming for training. Gives me lots of time to eat and try things he wouldn't. I love everything, especially things I can't get here in Nashville. We'll be staying at the Red Lion on Hayden Island but I plan to make my way around town and may get a car - think I definitely want to hit the beach area one day.

Also love cooking and antiquing so any suggestions there would be nice.

If there are areas I ned to avoid, please tell me that also.


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    This was published in the NYTIMES a week ago. I found the recommendations pretty spot on and diverse...

    Here are a couple of very comprehensive threads, too:

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      Thanks for the link, lots of good info and some cool urban photography too! I visited ten 01 for happy hour this past weekend and had their fries with truffle oil, very YUM!

      Ten 01
      1001 NW Couch, Portland, OR 97209