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May 20, 2009 07:06 PM

Disabled diner

Now I have really done it. I fell and broke several bones, including me knee and leg, so I am in a wheelcnair for at least tnree months. I enjoy fine dining, but am finding it difficult to find restaurants that can accomadate disahlities.
Sure, they may have a handicapped ramp - but you get seated in the dead zone. I also cannot wear shoes for a month or so, but I do wear socks, and the health department tells me that is ok. The waitperson often treats me as if I must not be able to afford the place/tip well, etc - even though I dress as before the accident. I often dine alone, it seems to be betterr when I am with a group. Does anyone know of a place that is especialy accomadating to disabled diners. I like all knids of food, and differet price ranges. Thanks!

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  1. I'm really sorry that happened.

    My grandmother isn't terribly mobile, so I've given some thought to this sort of thing before. I've also found a dearth of options, but feel comfortable recommending a couple. The first is Houston's, and I see from previous posts that you already go there. They really are nice and professional though. The second is Blue Star Cafeteria, and I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with my grandmother there.

    I'm sure that others will clue us into more options, and I hope your recovery goes well.

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      THanks! Houstons is good idea - I have always had great service there.....but I have eaten my way through their menu many times over. (We used to lunch there at least once a week). I think I will keep that as my back up though - thank you for your help!

    2. We had a great experience taking a friend in a wheelchair to dine at South Congress Cafe. The friend even (discreetly) removed her prosthetic legs to show us the artwork she'd had done on them (serious) and our servers didn't bat an eye. FYI, we did call ahead for a reservation and we let the hostess know that they could expect a guest who would be using a wheelchair. Don't let the broken bones keep you from enjoying life's pleasures; best of luck with your recovery

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        Luby's probably gets a lot of wheelchairs in it. Oh, and the Frisco.