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May 20, 2009 06:47 PM

Minneapolis healthy food delivery

My brother and his wife just had their first baby in Minneapolis. All our family lives in different states and we were wanting to send them meals. I have no idea if there are any good services. They lean more towards the whole foods and organic food. Let me know any thoughts.

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  1. You can get dish and dash meals from Let's Dish. They aren't organic that I know of, but many of the dishes do use whole foods and not a lot of artificial this or that or prepared foods. HTH

    1. Congratulations to your brother & wife - and to you, too on being an aunt! (Or uncle? I don't want to presume based on your name. :-)

      Alas, there's not a lot of good delivery here, period, so the pickings for organic / whole foods are slim. Much depends on exactly where they live. (For example, if they're in my neighborhood - in Minneapolis but on the St. Paul side of the river - they're out of luck!)

      But if they live near Uptown, you could send them a "planet-saving pizza" from Galactic Pizza. It's very organic and healthy. The delivery vehicles are bikes or electric cars (tiny little things - aka enhanced golf carts). And the delivery people are superheros!

      A bit further east is the Midtown Global Market, a collection of food booths in a large indoor market. They *might* offer delivery within a mile or two - they used to, but the web site is now silent on this matter, so you'd need to call. If delivery is available, the Holy Land Deli offers rotisserie chickens that they say are Amish-raised with no hormones. They're really tasty, and relatively inexpensive - add some rice and tabbouli or other middle-eastern side dishes for a lovely dinner. (I often bring this dinner over to my sister's when visiting my tiny niece and nephew.)

      Another possibility is Byerly's grocery store, which delivers to the entire metro area. There are some prepared meals and deli items available for delivery. Unfortunately, the prepared food is definitely NOT organic or "whole-food". Though they do sell organic fruits & veggies, and of course some frozen dinners and convenience food, like the Amy's and Annie's brand.

      Here are some earlier threads on our pathetic delivery options in the Twin Cities:


      1. is the food being delivered to the family's home, or to a hospital/birthing center? which neck of the woods are we talking about? :)

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          I found a personal chef for them. Thank you!

        2. The original comment has been removed