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May 20, 2009 06:44 PM

Best wire cooling rack?

I need to find the best cooling rack for a standard half size pan. I will use it for roasting - so it must be able to go into the oven; and also for drying pasta, baking, etc. I checked with WS but could only find the GoldTouch rack - which can't go into the oven. Any suggestions please? I want a grid rack and a very sturdy construction and most of the racks I have found are flimsy or single ( rather than grid) construction.

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  1. I bought one, about $10, at a restaurant supply store. While sturdy enough, it was just a bit big for my half sheet pans, so it does not sit flat on the bottom. I glanced at ones at W&S, about $13. It fit their pans nicely. I didn't think to inquire about use in the oven. So far I've only used mine for cooling and draining, not baking.

    1. Google Chicago Metallic, who are one of the largest suppliers of sheet pans, half and quart er sizes. I bought both half and quarter size cooling racks from them, use them constantly in the oven for roasting and baking. They are grid construction. Just make sure you buy the ones that will fit into your pans

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        Thanks Trakman do you know by chance if these are available in Canada or online to Canada?

      2. Cooks Illustrated just did a review of wire racks for sheet pans. Thier favorite was CIA Bakeware 12 x 17 inch Cooling Rack which is available at MetroKitchen (888-892-9911, and the Best Buy was Libertyware Rack, which is available at Ram Kitchen Supplies (800-617-1187, I'm not sure if you can get them in Canada, but maybe it'll be a start.

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        1. I have recommended this before - but not every one agreed with me.

          Its is a stainless steel trivet rather than a baking rack, but you do not seem to want it for baking. It is amazing value and very sturdy. Just throw way the useless little rubber feet. Easy to wash and will not rust. If you need the fine mesh though, this will not work.

          1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Having made the usual rounds ( WS, Tap Phong, Restaurant Supply, etc) without any luck, I did manage to order a Libertyware cooling grid rack. It was only available as a set ( well, at least available to Canada!) so I ordered both. I am a little fearful of warping of the baking sheet as it is 18 gauge but the rack looks to be perfect. I constantly use my WS commercial quality baking sheets without any problems with warping so it won't be the end of the world if the Libertyware sheet doesn't live up to that but of course, having been obliged to buy it I'd prefer that it didn't!! Anyone have any experience?