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May 20, 2009 04:37 PM

Birthday cake/dinner near Little Neck/Great Neck

Hey everyone,

I'm a brooklyn transplant living in the great neck/ little neck area. Looking for something special for my wife's 32nd birthday. Does anybody know where the best birthday cakes are made? Queens, Long Island - doesn't matter. Also looking for an amazing restaurant, and a place to get awesome food for a picnic. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. For amazing local restaurants, you should peruse this board. In Great Neck itself I'd recommend Tel Aviv and Oevo. For cake and picnic food, check out Jean Marie, on south side Northern just where Great Neck Road veers off.

    Jean Marie Patisserie
    98 Northern Blvd
    Great Neck, NY 11021
    (516) 304-5439

    1. IMHO, nothing beats St. Honore for birthday cakes. I love their whip cream and fresh strawberry filling. For my 30th birthday my wife got me a "SURVIVOR" themed cake shaped like an island with an erupting volcano in the middle. They do amazing work.

      St Honore Pastry Shop
      993 Port Washington Blvd
      Port Washington, NY 11050
      (516) 767-2555

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        st Honore and Jean Marie are my two favorire bakeries. However for the cale I would pick St Honore. For a picnic try Jean Marie. If you are in Jean Marie make sure you get the Creme Brule tarts. They are to die for. I just gained 5 pounds thinking about these bakeries.