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May 20, 2009 03:50 PM

Something Different, Something Memorable (Seattle)?

I'm looking for a memorable meal. A restaurant, while okay, would still be a restaurant. I was thinking about one of the one pot dinners that I'd heard about ages ago. Or a sailboat cruise that serves dinner to a small group. A clambake. Or something that is anything but ordinary as the experience goes.

Anything that sticks out in your mind that you could recommend?

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  1. Could be a bit too touristy (and I went there like 20 years ago), but Tillicum Village may be something to consider. Google it to see what they've got to offer. I cannot vouch for any chow-worthiness as it was so long ago, but do remember a whole lot of salmon.

    Another that comes to mind is the Corson building - haven't been but it is a communal dining experience with a local, highly-regarded chef.

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      The Corson Building was definitely memorable, not a typical restaurant experience.

    2. It's still got a "restaurant" vibe to it, but I am in LOVE with GasWorks' new wine bar addition. They serve "a la carte" dishes ranging from in house pop corn to full on entrees to dessert. If you so choose, you can sit at their small bar and speak with the chef while she prepares your food or you can seclude yourself. It's a very intimate space with good ambiance and a great wine selection with reasonable prices.