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May 20, 2009 03:13 PM

Dinner near St. Regis in DC

I'm in town next week for work and am looking for a nice meal within walking distance of the St. Regis Hotel. Price is not really an issue and I'd prefer something that isn't too loud. Thank you.

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  1. The St. Regis on Mass Ave? I think they re-opened the Jockey Club in the Lobby. That should be first class. Apart from that you can walk down to P and you'll find a host of places, including Al Tiramisu or Obelisk for italian, and Pesce for seafood.

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        Ah. The old Sheraton Carlton. Well, you have Ardour in the lobby. And you have Olives (the Todd English restaurant) across the street. And you have Mio's up by L.

        1. re: Pappy

          Thanks. I will be at the hotel for several days, so I am sure I will hit Ardour at least once. Olives looks like a good choice for my less-adventurous dining companion.

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            Dinner at Adour was delicious, I was there on valentines day. I had some sort of white fish, maybe halibut, with seared foie gras on top. You MUST go to Corduroy off Mass Ave on 9th street near the convention center. Order scallops. If they are not on the menu the steak and the salmon are impressive. Olives is a decent lunch spot, always stellar but nothing extraordinary. The part of P street that Pappy mentioned is sort of a hidden older gem in the neighborhood. Pizzeria Paradiso, Pesce, Al Tiramisu, and Obelisk or some of my favorites.

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              Thanks for all the wonderful looking ideas!

              1. re: fromtheD

                Let's be clear, when I mentioned P street, I incorrectly thought you were at the St Regis on Mass. P street is not near you at 16th and k. Additionally, while cabs in DC are cheap and plentiful, and it is easy to get around downtown after rush hour, Corduroy is not convenient to you either.

                1. re: Pappy

                  It's fairly easy to walk to all these restaurants from 16th and K, unless you are not a walker.

    1. i love oval room at 17th and I (only one block away since we have no J street), olives as someone else recommended is very good. and if price is not an issue i'd strongly suggest going to equinox, next door to oval room, at 17th and I. i really think it's one of the best places we have to offer here. if you like indian food, the bombay club (one of clinton's fave) is also at 17th and I. our best sushi in the city (IMHO) is at 19th and I at Kaz sushi bistro, if you find yourself in the mood for sushi while you're here.