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May 20, 2009 03:13 PM

Bad experience at Crazy Burger/Narragansett

Our friends are about to have a baby and they wanted to go out for dinner once more before the baby came. They love Crazy Burger, so we drove down to Narragansett from Providence last Saturday.
We timed it badly, arriving at 7:15, it looked like they had just sat 3 larger tables. We were told that 3 other tables should be clearing out in 20 minutes, so we decided to stand and wait. 20 minutes later, 1 table did get up and a group of 3 ahead of us sat down. 25 minutes later we were still standing, waiting.
We finally noticed that a group that was sitting at the counter area weren't being served or eating. We asked about the wait and what was happening at the counter. The hostess told us, "Oh, they're a table of 5 ahead of you waiting for a table." We asked, "Can you eat at the counter? and were told "Yes, do you want me to ask them to move so you can eat?"
My friends husband was so angry that we had been standing (with a over due pregnant lady) for 45 minutes when there was counter space available for eating that was never offered to us, that we just left. We ended up eating at TRIO which was very good.
That just seemed really strange to me... why wouldn't you offer anyone who came in, the counter for dinner? Some would say no, but others would take it (like us). They let that space go unused, when they could have had customers being served there....
Has anyone had a similar experience here? We usually have a good time there... I doubt we'll be going back anytime soon....

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  1. I like the food so much that I put up w/the occasional service glitches. It seems to stem from youth/inexperience/cluelessness, rather than malice, so I can deal w/it.

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      If your looking for a great burger and hand cut fries try 1149,

      1. re: Frank Terranova

        We haven't been there yet (the one next to the Warwick Showcases, right?) I've heard great things about it though. For a cheapy burger we like Lily Marlanes on Atwells.

        1. re: jenluxy

          I have had similar experiences there. I still love to go there, but they can get very busy and service becomes horrible at that point.

    2. We love Crazy Burger, but it can get a little "crazy" in there! They are just too small to serve the amount of people that go there. I have always found the food, service and atmosphere to be excellent and well worth the wait. You may want to give them another try, perhaps after the summer.

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        We have had good luck for breakfast, aside from that, no.

      2. Stopped ther Friday, people were waiting outside, about 12:30, stepped inside and asked how long the wait was. it was going to be awhile , and they asked how many in my party, and i said "just me". Was seated right away, enjoyed an awsome lunch.