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May 20, 2009 02:37 PM

Toscana 52

Anyone been? It's in the food wasteland of Bensalem on Street Road.

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  1. It feels like a chain restaurant (though i don't think it is), but we enjoyed what we ate. Not great, but a big step up from the Olive Garden/Carabba's type places.

    1. My husband and I went there for our 2nd time on Saturday night. The first time I went with some girlfriends, I had an issue with the waiter (he wanted to go home for the night, but we wanted to sit and chat for a little bit). But since I thought the food was good and the atmosphere was much nicer than Olive Garden or (now defunct) Macaroni Grill, I opted to try it again.

      My husband and I met another couple here on Saturday, and to my pleasant surprise, we had a very nice time! ! :-)

      The restaurant is very pretty inside, and the food is very good (how bad can pasta/Italian be??). Prices are modest to slightly high (soups are about $5-$6 (pasta fagilio is very good and a big portion!), small salads with entree cost $3.95, and figure about $16-$25 for most entree (some run over $30, but there are some under $15, as well). The portions are all good sized.

      Our waitress Saturday night was excellent. She was very pleasant and personable, very attentive and never left us sitting unattended to. Drinks were replenished regularly and she was always checking in to make sure we were okay. If you have a sweet tooth, save room for dessert. We didn't have any, but they looked scrumptious on the dessert tray!

      The only downside, IMHO, is the place is a little noisy (it could have been the big party (about 10 people?) that was next to us).

      Another bonus is they will take reservations for parties of 5 or more, which is nice, because most other places (i.e. Olive Garden, etc.) will not take reservations.

      I'd definitely recommend this place. :-)

      1. We went there for lunch about 2:30pm on Saturday. The menu didn't seem to have any real lunch items, so we all ordered pasta. The waitress tried to push expensive items but, as I said, we went for the pasta. I visited their Web site yesterday and saw they do have a lunch menu. Now that I know we were given dinner menus, I feel as if we were taken. For dinner, the prices are not bad. The food is good, the decor nice. Based on our experience, we probably won't go back as, fortunately, we have other options.