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May 20, 2009 02:16 PM

One dinner in Salt Lake City...recs?

I'll be in SLC for dinner with two business associates next week. I'm looking for an upscale dinner, preferably with a locally-sourced ingredients bent. I'm a foodie-type from nyc but my colleagues are not - so nothing too over the top. Must be convenient to downtown hotels. Any suggestions for something classy that will give us a flavor for SLC?


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  1. I really like the Tin Angel Cafe:

    I wouldn't say it is upscale as such, it has a more quirky/independent vibe. That's not to say it is a cheap meal either though. For me they are a restaurant with a lot of consistency, and their focus is on locally sourced where they can.

    The Wild Grape Bistro has a more upscale feel and also focuses on locall sourced, but can be a little more erratic imho:

    Which is more important in your meal, the finer dining or the locally sourced element? I could (as I am sure many others here) recommend some really good high end dining establishments, but their main focus isn't on locally sourced.


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      1. My suggestion would be Cucina Toscana as well - excellent food and service. If you are willing to compromise on the upscale, I'd suggest Red Iguana for incredible Mexican food.

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          1. My husband and I spent last week in Salt Lake City (1st visit and loved it). We had dinner twice at Bambara at the Hotel Monaco and each night we had great food and service, also it would be a good venue for business colleagues to meet, as you can actually carry on a conversation. I don't have to much to compare it with as, we also ate at the Market Street Grill (so, so), The Red Iguana for lunch (ok) and Lugano's (which was outside of the city center).