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May 20, 2009 01:37 PM

Desert Island Cookbook

I know: There probably wouldn't be a stove or much of a variety of food on a desert island. But if you could only keep ONE (or maybe two, if the choice is too difficult) of your cookbooks, and that's the only cookbook you could ever use again until the end of time, what would that cookbook be?

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  1. This one:
    I can build an oven out of anything that won't burn.

    1. If I could only have one cookbook, it would be Delia Smith's "Illustrated Cookery Course". If I can have another then add Nigel Slater's "Real Fast Food".

      Of course, what everybody would really want is "The Complete Desert Island Cookbook"

      1. Culinaria Southeast Asia: A Journey Through Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

        I figure, it's going to be roughly the same food available, will make copious use of coconuts, and it's got plenty of food pictures (though granted many of them are of the prepared foods you might find to use as ingredients on a non-deserted island)

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          This is a good book. The edition I have (I think the first to come out in the US) has a photo in the first pages showing a market somewhere which is rather striking given that one of the items advertised on banners in Chinese characters is xiang rou gan (dog meat jerky). Subsequent editions do not feature the same photo, for some reason...

          1. re: buttertart

            Thanks - this was on my browse-through-but-not-buy-yet list. I think this just bumped it to the buy list. :)