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Dinner after Cirque - somewhat reasonable?

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Can anyone recommend a dinner place after the Cirque on Saturday? Last time we went, I was with a group of people that had no vision to go away from the touristy street where Place Jacques-Cartier is. I remember after we ate, we walked around the corner and there were quieter, less populated places.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Garde-Manger and Holder are interesting choices, albeit not too quiet. And about a 10-15 minutes walk from the tents. I also like Chez l'Epicier well, it might be a quieter atmosphere. And I heard good things about Graziella, but I've never been.

    1. How about Resident? I haven't been, but reviews have been fairly positive. It's on Notre Dame not too far from Place Jacques Cartier, but in a quieter area.

      1. I have enjoyed dinner at Steak Frites St-Paul (on St-Paul street), but you need reservations. It is quite popular, and BYOW. Also not as pricey as L'Epicier or Graziella.

            1. Thanks everyone! Resident will likely be the choice of destination.