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May 20, 2009 01:17 PM

Is Burger Stop (Vegas) still open?

Is Burger Stop at Ocotillo Plaza (corner of Eastern and E Tropicana, I think) in Las Vegas still open? I can't find any recent references to it, and what I am told is its web page address is coming up as not found.

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  1. good question - i don't think it is - i was in that shopping center a few months back and it looked like the place was closed ( there's a really good mexican food place in the center ) - now that i work on the eastside, i'll drive by there tomorrow and either hit the mexican place, burger stop or the banh mi shop down the road - yummy !!!

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      Oooh, where might I find the Bahn Mi shop? I always have to make a drive up to Spring Mtn, when the craving strikes...

      1. re: dbug31

        On the east side we have Pho Thanh Huong, in a strip mall at 1131 East Tropicana. Bread is baked on site, and since a lot of their customers are UNLV students pretty good bang for the buck price-wise.

    2. Say, here's an idea - why don't I call the store's number and ask?

      Disconnected - something tells me that answers that question.