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Breakfast in Pasadena?

I have a breakfast meeting in Pasadena coming up.

Any suggestions on a good place? Doesn't have to be fancy, just tasty.


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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Second Cafe Verde. Some of the best huevos rancheros ever.

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          Excellent suggestions everyone!

          Thank you!


        2. I'll add Central Park on Fair Oaks and Kathleen's, just slightly north of the 210 Fwy on Lake.

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            Don't forget Marstons on Walnut. Great breakfasts and beautiful California plein air art on the walls. All in a beautiful bungalow setting. Don't turn down the potatoes O'brian.

            1. re: trimtab

              Marston's is not an ideal environment for a breakfast meeting place.

            1. Extremely tasty in my book would be Euro Pane bakery. Can't go wrong with any pastry there.

              Of course, that's more of a meet-for-coffee-and-a-croissant kind of place, not so much for a sit-down breakfast.

              Euro Pane Bakery
              950 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91106

              1. I like Cafe Verde and Marston's for breakfast, but both those places are a little cramped. I Green Street Restaurant and Central Park might be more suitable for a meeting. I can't vouch for the breakfast and Mike and Anne's but if the weather is as nice as it has been on your meeting date this is a nice place to dine al fresco.

                1. Hated Pie & Burger, & Burger Continental (Still there?) thought they were both unclean.

                  Definitely loved the breakfast burrito at Green Street.

                  1. I like Mi Piace at breakfast. The place scares me at dinnertime (crowds and attitude), but at breakfast it's relatively quiet, bright, and airy. Nice omelets, cute baby waffles, and an expensive but tasty iced cappuccino.